MST: “Russia’s ban for holding international competitions will not be affected at all”

April 1 (no joke) came into force amendments to the WADA code, which prohibits the organization and holding of international competitions in countries whose national anti-doping agencies do not meet the standard WADA.

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Formally, the profile of the Federation for individual types of sport in Russia does not lose the right to hold tournaments because of the changes in the WADA code cannot be applied retrospectively to previously scheduled events. However, the fate of Russian applications for the longer term is not entirely clear.

As explained “MK” a source familiar with the situation, “these amendments do not relate to Russia, to hold competitions as we could, and will continue”. Moreover, the Ministry of sport of the Russian Federation does not even consider in force the legislative innovations as an essential newsworthy. According to the Minister of sports of Russia Pavel Kolobkov, in addition to those international competitions which Russia will host in the near future, our country remains the possibility to carry out new tournaments. To Russia will apply to the former standard”.

Meanwhile, Russia has refused to hold the biathlon world Championships 2021 and was forced to withdraw its bid to host the world Cup of basketball in 2023. Commenting on the decision, the President of the Russian basketball Federation, the celebrated athlete Andrei Kirilenko, stressed that it was dictated by the “negative attitude of the international sports community to the Russian athletes”.

Apparently, it is. After stating, on the one hand, on an impartial and even sympathetic attitude to Russia, a representative of WADA, Jonathan Taylor, said: “We will do everything possible to Russia (new tournaments — Ed.) not received”.

Recall that the RUSADA membership in the world Association suspended back in November 2015, and one of the main conditions for the restoration of the powers of the organization is the recognition of the conclusions of the report of the McLaren about the existence in our country from 2011 to 2015, the doping of the system that allowed athletes to evade responsibility for the use of banned methods and substances. The Russian side categorically denies these accusations. Meanwhile, in the past at the end of March in Lausanne Symposium WADA requirements have been confirmed, and the sanctions against RUSADA extended.

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