Newspaper Bild outraged by the act of FC “Hannover 96”, which defended a “friend of Putin”

The confrontation between the fans and the football club “Hannover 96”, which, according to the tabloid Bild, was taken under the protection of “old friends of Putin”. It is noted that the stadium missed the banner with the slogan “Enter sanctions against Russia and its accomplices!”. His fans were addressed to the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the club, former Chancellor Gerhard schröder.

Before the game with the “Leipzig” the Hanoverian supporters club seized about 40 banners in which they expressed their opinion, said the German tabloid Bild. So, one of the banners urged to impose sanctions against Russia and its supporters, the canvas, the fans addressed to the former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, who is currently member of the Supervisory Board of FC “Hannover 96”.

“The flag with this slogan is simply not allowed to bring to the stadium!” — Bild outraged. This is the requirement, which insists the Ukrainian side, urging to impose sanctions not only against Russian President Vladimir Putin, but also against “his sidekick shredder”, which is also called the “chief lobbyist” of the Kremlin, the newspaper reminds.

In turn, the administration of FC “Hannover 96” has explained that the banners were removed as the stadium is not a place for political statements. “There’s only room football,” said the management of the club.

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