“Not fully satisfied”: FLGR Vyalbe, the President summed up the season

Russian skiers at the Olympics in Pyeongchang won eight medals: three silver and five bronze medals, 20 times on the podium of the world Cup three times won the world Cup. Themselves say that the result is “cool”, but we must go further. And say they do not recognize the dominance of the Norwegians and ready to take it up a notch.

Elena Vyalbe. Photo: social networks

The President of Federation of ski races of Russia is always accurate in the specifications. And calls a spade a spade. So summing up the ski runs, which ended the championship of Russia, says: “I already Want to turn the page of this historic season. And go to a new the four years. On the one hand, he was very successful, winning many medals is encouraging. On the other the bitterness. Guys who fought in Pyeongchang for the high places, were not allowed. I am grateful to my entire team. Skiers were pressed more than others, but none fell apart”.

In may, all federations will be the election of new presidents. 25 may will be held the report-election conference and for the skiers and there is no doubt that Vyalbe, who again announced his nomination for the post, will win. “I hope I successfully pass otchetno-elective conference, and we’ll go into the new season forth with the same passion. All our coaching team remains, but will not be a sprint and some women’s groups. Separately will train the Junior group, and the rest – boys and girls will study together… I’m not doing any business, fully committed – so I have about anything other than ski racing, head does not hurt. I have a wonderful family that all helps, which in turn gives you the opportunity to help a large ski family.”

No one has ever heard of the program for the next four years, but the goals of the glorified skier absolutely clear. She has formulated them as follows: “I Want our boys and girls played as the Soviet athletes. And when we’re on the podium was not three, then we are already not particularly congratulated. I want Russia was the leader in skis.”

When the Federation has a President and head coach, not experiencing the fear of big words, because they have a real basis, the leaders of the team understand the task and setting yourself up to overcome any obstacles.

Heroes Pyeongchang 2018 Alexander Bolshunov and Denis Spicav their ambitions to soften the public is also not trying. “If you look at next season, we should stay at this level, or better yet, up in the lineup. The bar is set very high. Two years ago we have assembled a great team led by Yury Borodavko – planned to prepare for the Games in 2020, but in the end prepared to the Olympics in 2018. It’s cool,” Bolshunov not particularly verbose, as usual, but stressed the essence.

And Denis Spicav glad to have been part of this whole Olympic program, ran all distances, not every athlete succeeds in his career. And also not afraid of strong statements: “I believe that with the Norwegians, we are running at the same level. All communicate well, and no one – neither we nor they don’t roll up on doping charges without evidence”.

Fearlessness in relation to foreign athletes demonstrates a two-time Olympic medalist Julia belorusova. “The season was difficult for everyone, but I would have gone through all these emotions again. The main goal for next year is to win a remote race. Of course I want to win. I can’t speak about the Norwegian superiority, we are not going to be afraid and to admit their domination. We will become even stronger.”

But Vyalbe wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t know how to time to talk about the shortcomings. “I still, of course, not completely satisfied with our teams. Especially women. It is difficult to compare different times, I understand that. But remember, what would be the results in my time. If you are the second, then you do not congratulations to all, and consolation. Sometimes, you get in the top ten, but the worst of the Russians, the next race you do not put. I’m full of energy to wait for our ski team will be the strongest in the world.”

Said Vyalbe, and that shooting in Nude for women it is not welcome. Moreover – does not allow athletes to do it for sports magazines. “We don’t want to be constantly promoted. And during the season while respecting the work of those who come to competitions, giving interviews, extra attention you want.”

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