Russian Berlingske spoke about the historic world Cup success

Celery the women’s team led by Victoria Moiseeva for the first time won bronze medals of the world championship, but with the success of Anna Sidorova and companies this is the fifth award in a row. The ladies were much fatigued: someone had to make 2 changes, and two girls from Kaliningrad — and at 3. But in Moscow and in Saint-Petersburg beauties were in for a pleasant time: flowers from fans and the Russian Curling Federation.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Moses (left) and arsenicin on training in Novogorsk.

Team player Galina ARSENKINA completed their flights in Moscow, and she had time to share impressions of the tournament in the Mecca of Curling, Canada.

— You are happy? On the one hand, good, on the other — before the final hand.

— Of course, I wanted more. But for the first time to win a world championship medal is a great success.

— You liked, I met in the airport?

— The Federation was greeted with flowers, it is very nice. But we were not in a body. Kaliningradka I had time for another transplant, with Twisted Moiseeva we said goodbye in Munich, and she directly flew to Saint Petersburg.

— Not sad to leave after so much time together?

— It is sometimes useful to miss. The other side of the coin is that, when we gather, we have something to tell you. Always there’s some news, it’s great.

— Who would you dedicate your bronze medal?

— I would like to dedicate this to parents, and even my doctor, who three years ago made me have an operation. After all, it allowed me to stay in the sport.

— How did you manage to gather the last throw of the match against the USA, when hammer (the advantage of the latter throws) were you? No time pressure?

— Yes, time (the game was endless, Curling there is a time limit for thinking about “moves”, which again likens it to chess. — “MK”) was enough. And so towards the end we each throw pondered and discussed. To do slowly, with full dedication. Because after that nothing can be changed. Everyone understood this, we realized how hard Victor Moses, how big of a thrill. We supported it, skip took a break and made good on his shot.

— The decision you have taken, as I understand it, collectively?

— Discussed all of the standard moments, as does this track, like who threw before. How can go the stone from the Vita. Spoke to had great feedback. One, so that nothing is missed.

— As a coach, Sergey Belanov feel?

We did not look at him at this moment. But Anna Sidorova, who at this moment in the role of a spare sat on the coaching bench, then told me that there was very worried. Someone prayed, someone something mumbled. Emotions were running high.

— What now?

— Taking a short break. Now the Saga with our bags. We arrived without them. So much for a “fun” story. The explanation is simple. The first two flights were not docked, and a piece of Luggage left in North Bay, as there is a small airport and airplane, respectively, also not a giant. We were not warned about this. We didn’t wait for things already in Toronto, but it was a very long layover. But even the Luggage that miraculously got on our flight due to the delay of the aircraft on the route Toronto — Munich did not have time to shift to the Moscow Board.

— You at least will ship then or will have again in “Domodedovo” to go?

— Yes, promised to bring to the specified addresses.

Once you have this debut success, do not fear that you wear out on events? For example, Ivan Urgant will lead, as it often happens…

— I do not think that will lead. The fact that this is only for us this is the first such a success, and for Russian national team — the fifth in a row. While we were in the shadows of our predecessors. We repeated the bronze result.

— How do you like the atmosphere at the tournament? Canada is famous for Curling!

It was amazing. The combination of “Curling in Canada” — it’s beyond words! The small town of North Bay and completely filled the stadium at all games. And if the track went the hostess, the stands went crazy. There was nothing audible. Not very comfortable to play in such a situation, because we must constantly confer, but at the same time it’s nice. The organizers because they took care not only about their but also about the other teams. No one was forgotten. When we left the ice, applauded and us equally. It’s nice that such attention to our sport and so many nice words. We have this, unfortunately, is not, and will not soon. And the ice and rocks were also qualitative. Compared to the issues that were at the recent Olympics, here we simply “breathed.” So much happened…

● ● ●

It would be wrong to sum up the results of the world Cup, without talking with skip of team Victoria MOISEEVA, who flew to St. Petersburg, bypassing Moscow. And that’s what she told “MK” in a telephone conversation:

— I really wanted to try, because the world Cup in Canada is different from everything else, even the Olympics. Because the stands are always Packed, but understanding people who get sick not only for the canadian team, but also for others. But it was a very busy schedule. Small breaks between the games and very strong compositions. About the passing games, so did not have to dream.

— The format has changed a bit: now there are two quarterfinals…

Yeah, I don’t know for how long, but in the International Curling Federation has departed from tradition and decided to try such a scheme. However, it was called the new matches of the quarter-finals and qualification games because they were not 8 teams but only 4. Two first machine took place in the semi-finals. It is clear that each additional meeting is rather difficult. When we came to Sweden, the game was actually the fourth in a row. And of course, skandinavok was a little bit more rest than us. Not really work mentally for this match to prepare for the hour. But what can you do. For example, Canadians, who have shown the result of 12 wins and zero losses, have earned the advantage over those who have this figure 6-6.

— How did you manage to “put the squeeze” US in the game for third place?

— In the group stage is something you can fix. And here you realize that this is the last game, anyway. To save power it makes no sense, ahead — nothing. We had a guaranteed extra-end, and it helped: I did not feel the pressure. Already knew if there’s a safety net. It happens quite often, and we say to each other: “If anything, no need to get upset, there’s still a chance”. Because we have a principle: not yet shook hands, nothing is over. An American, skip, “drove” the whole game very well. I was sure his eighth final she will also perform efficiently, and is already prepared to think about what to do: either to kick the take-out or something. Or through their +1 to translate in the extra end. And when she was wrong, I realized now it’s my turn to show you what I can. Have cerleron there is one problem: quickly execute a throw, instead of to prepare yourself. But here we stopped, discussed, because there was enough time. Julia Portanova went to put the brush in to the stone came according to the idea. I have discussed with the team what “weight” to give the stone. Just had to calm myself, to breathe and to believe that the girls “will docroot” as it should and all will be well.

— What is more — the joy or sorrow that did not play in the final?

— If you’re second place, you go out, lost the final. But if you complete the championship winning throw, it remains in memory. We wanted a medal, but the times has already gone this far, decided to play for themselves. And when you’re relaxed, it’s much easier. No, relax, not work, but strained it in sports, not morally. And it already quite another matter!

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