Slutsky said a word about “non-football of Russia” as an example of the anonymous alcoholics

Former head coach of CSKA and the national team Leonid Slutsky expressed the opinion that Russia is a non-football country, while explaining that it is the things you need to recognize to move on. As an example the expert has led a group of alcoholics anonymous.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

“Today it is very fashionable to pull a phrase out of context. The meaning of the phrase about “Russia – non-football country” is quite different. It is obvious that we are not the strongest team in the world. To move forward, we must recognize this fact”, – said Leonid Slutsky in an interview with Ilya Kazakov on the YouTube channel “Foot’sick people”.

Former head coach of CSKA and the national team noted that certain processes are, as well as the General development.

“I said things that I must admit, as in alcoholics anonymous. This begins the process of recovery and movement of some. A phrase about non-football country were told to try to understand the reasons,” added Slutsky.

Specialist explained that if you do not delve into the issue and continue to pull phrases, there is no understanding of how to develop.

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