The curse, Hawaii: Khabib Nurmagomedov and Holloway will not leave the UFC choice

“It’s a fascinating story about how the blue for no reason come to pass the most terrible nightmares.”

“The Curse Of Hawaii”, Hunter Thompson.

A couple of weeks ago, I slammed another Roman antiquities of Stockton. Who knew that not only some quotes, but the words from the title will become relevant again, and in a totally unexpected place. Damn fight Khabib — Ferguson breaks down the fourth time and the title of light weight UFC with Nurmagomedov challenged the guy with the most Islands is Max Holloway.

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2015, 2016, 2017, 2018. The match between Habib and Tony in the US is trying to arrange for a full presidential term in this country, and all the way. The score is 2:2, and if in chronological order: injury Nurmagomedov health Ferguson, misogony Habib, trauma Tony.

It would be possible to dream that, after four draws, rounds, everything will be decided in the championship, but this fight is cursed. It’s like 95% of others, not the most decent fantasies: you want their performance the most, but they occur only under incredible circumstances.

In the second case it is enough just someone’s courage, and in the case of fighting a bit more complicated. Here all our expectations, sorry for the deathless prose: our issues. Those who are our expectations trying to implement on the line a little more: health, money, relevance to the sport and generally his whole career. With a torn ligament or catastrophic condition of the liver one our imagination to realize not going to this must be treated right if only the cause of all this was not carelessness specific people.

While Habib and Tony will not be in the cage with each other, the official may be just what the meeting is our common curse.

If Dana white had hair, last night he would have surely vomited, but the UFC obviously, insure the poster of this tournament and made a replacement — fearless by max Holloway, champion Featherweight weight category.

The man who was injured less than two months ago and was unable to defend his belt on March 3, i.e., a month ago. While Brian Ortega knocked out Frankie Edgar, and white immediately after that officially stated that as soon as it becomes clear the timing of the return of Holloway, the organization will arrange a meeting with Brian and max.

Over the past 30 days Holloway such information is not shared. But it was ready to pop out for allegedly a week before the fight. It’s more like a perfectly planned replacement and excellent insurance. To save the main fight of the UFC 223 in the case of injury of one of the participants — Habib or Tony — was only possible in three ways. 1) The Return Of Conor McGregor. 2) The Return Of Nate Diaz. 3) champion from another weight.

More important substitutions that would not spoil the original poster just yet.

The result is a delightful story in which horrible nightmares several. Nurmagomedov finally wins the title, beating while potentially injured (or not) easier opponent, the one who rises to it in a category, thus when the Habib also need to rise above. Followed by the herd of commentators instantly devalues the victory wave of the arguments listed above — that’s what they all say — and once again proves the backwardness of industry in Russia.

Nightmare number two: Max wins. Let’s not forget that in a cage, he still will be present, and if he could not enter on a stretcher, then some chances are there. But since these thoughts I want to drive far away, let me just say that to speak against the guy coming on as a substitute, extremely difficult: if you win, I will say that broke the unprepared, if you lose, you bury as incompetent. In 2018, the year is still not possible to explain to people that in sport it happens.

… I have had enough of reading about the madness in Hawaii. Thanks max, I saw confirmation of this, because despite all his plans to change the category to go against Habib, and even in such a situation is cool. It will be a hunt for the biggest Marlin in my life, which may in shreds to break his career ship.

However, these arguments leave men.

Meeting Habib and max unique others. In the UFC for several years trying to arrange a debut tournament in the coveted two places: Hawaii and Russia. Consider that the forthcoming — a certain kind of tender. Nurmagomedov wins — welcome to Russian dream, where a few thousand people in hats fill the “Olympic” and look at our first champion of the organization. Wins Holloway — Hello island, so as not to Express the respect of the champion in two weight categories is simply impossible.

The winner of the main fight of the UFC 223 takes not only a belt. He brings to their homes the historic tournament. And national madness.

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