Vladimir Ponomariov: “cohesive team “Spartak” no”

After a break on matches of national teams resumed play in the Premier League. Our resident expert, semifinalist of the world Cup in 1966, Vladimir Ponomarev commented on the results of the 24th round of the Premier League and weighed the odds of the leading group of teams for the championship.

Vladimir Ponomarev. Photo: a frame from the video

— “The locomotive” has lost, so in the Premier League yet pursuit. The whole struggle ahead. After the defeat of the “Amkar” “the railroad” may begin to fall. This result was not expected, not thought — not wondered. Moreover, the Muscovites were first in score.

It happens at the beginning or at the end of the season there is a failure. If this happens with Lokomotiv, unpredictable developments: and Semin will be in a panic, and the players around, as they say, the confusion and vacillation, will go to destruction. The three points are not gained now will be difficult to play. And then the army can pop up, and “Spartak” and “Zenit” in good shape.

But if Yury Pavlovich will calm their children, they can get together and keep the gap. The nervous atmosphere in the team is now natural. The gap was huge, eight points, but now a lot reduced. Early to win the title they are unlikely to succeed. Last matches they will have with “Zenith” and “Krasnodar”. Also serious contenders. Krasnodar, of course, blown away (Monday was sent in resignation the head coach “bull” Igor Shalimov – “MK”), but the team may not always play at the same level, it is not automatic. Playing the game is not necessary.

CSKA in this round, on the contrary, looked good. I liked them very much. Nobody really stood out, but the team play was very good. Everything we tried worked — and won absolutely deservedly. To single out anyone would not want to. And yet well played Ignashevich, Akinfeev. As always, great benefit to team was brought by Wernbloom. Dzagoev was not so expressive, because it had replaced. But do not worry, he will recover.

“Spartak” won “Tosno” with great difficulty. Such victories are hard. Dangerous moments in front of goal, to create a separate identity — that are winning and cohesive team, powerful motor no.

I think “Zenith” in this season to the championship is not ready. In the best case, will be able to qualify for third or fourth place…

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