Who is to blame for the failure of Russian biathlon

The coaching Council of the Union of biathlonists of Russia has set the team “neud” for work in the season. All teams — women under the leadership of Sergei Konovalov, men with Ricco gross and Andrei Paginam. It would be strange if another evaluation.

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Biathletes have suffered and suffered all season in front of us. We suffered and suffered, looking at them. Bursts of joy to the race. Managed to escape from the morass of failures Flowers. Out Babikov. Suddenly emerged Malyshko. Kaisheva gain experience. Podchufarova, practically speaking, announced the suspension of career. Akimov in the red… the coaches talked little, and also clearly suffered. They seemed to all just pests.

Someone from athletes says: dialogue with the coaches was not, human relationships were not. Someone of the mentors commented: we should train more. And they both wanted to get the result.

Sorry for the biathlon. But “sorry” is not from the sports vocabulary. The coaching Council has put “neud”. And who will put “neud” the coaching Council?

Again in the internal review athletes slipped: originally written coaching plans passed through the filters of many people. And on the way out and not really coaching. And whose? Who are these people from the circle of advisers and proofreaders? Who has access to the “body” of the team?

A “body” sausage. The minds of the athletes struggling in distrust and accusations. Keep the middle ground, scraped from the instruction of the most valuable, allowing us to move forward, to take responsibility for themselves on themselves capable not all. Someone got a negative experience of misunderstanding a situation for the first time, someone accustomed to obey, or hoped, that the result after the executed instructions will be.

The people of these “filters” are also losers today. And they have to answer. But will not go away. And they will continue to meddle in the plans of the chief or elders. Call the post whatever you like, but senior women’s coach Konovalov was responsible only for the shooting. For the functional state of the female national team the response was Vladimir korolkevich, and Mikhail Devyatyarov worked with technology…

With this approach, when there is a coach who has no real right, but on his shoulder a mountain of responsibility, we will never be able to understand what we do coaches? No matter hired from abroad or private. Athletes will never be able to understand who you can trust. Trainers themselves — who and what to demand. And everyone will be together again to say: retired from the Russian national team, brought in leaders of the new wards. Because he did.

And yet we are told: “unsatisfactory” not because the coaches worked badly, just the result of bad. And they say error in the procedure, if shown the worst result in the last four years, you do not need to seek additional explanations.

No really, look! And do not write plans usual collective hand without a name. Inviting coach Pichler, Chovancova, Alikina, selifonova, gross, — give him the opportunity to work for yourself, without any grinding of his plan. And the team is one of excess. It’s nothing personal. And illogical.

This mission in full, of course, impossible. But to break the situation we had yesterday. Today we have lost. And tomorrow will not find, do not reverse the tradition.

“The season was full of struggle, disappointment, anger, but also hope it still has a place… I know I’m capable of more. Of course, mistakes were made that need to be corrected. And I was an athlete I carry for them full responsibility. The only thing I definitely do not blame yourself — it’s a lack of willingness to fight to the last, even when there was no…”.

It’s Anton Shipulin. And it has brought, but seemingly apart from team training. Olympic stress itself. About it we remember and understand all the difficulties. But when nobody can explain the reasons of chronic failures, this is an epidemic.

Russian biathlon proceeds to discuss potential coaching candidates for the new season. The Commission for the review of candidates entered Maxim Kugaevsky, Innokenty Karintsev, Nikolay Savinov, Valery Zakharov and Yuri Kashkarov. Directs the Commission Vadim Melikhov. These people and the two contenders for the post of President of the RBU Viktor Maigurov and Vladimir Drachev — needs to develop selection criteria and conditions of the coaching competition.

Next the presidency in our biathlon is coming to an end. Now take Alexander Kravtsov.

Over there an epidemic?

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