“Miller spoke about the reduction of gas transit through Ukraine in 10 times after 2019

– After starting the “Nord stream 2” and “Turkish stream” Russian gas transit through Ukraine will fall 10 times, said the Chairman of the Board “Gazprom” Alexey Miller on the air “First channel”.

“We are not saying that we completely block the transit through the territory of Ukraine. Because there is a neighboring state, there are regions that are on the border with Ukraine from Europe and without a doubt, delivery to these regions of Europe will be carried out in transit through the territory of Ukraine. Another thing is that the amounts that will be without a doubt less significant. Apparently, speech can go about 10-15 billion cubic meters of gas a year,” Miller said.

In 2017, Ukraine is transported 93 billion cubic meters of Russian gas in 2016 – 82 billion cubic meters.

To the question about the conditions for future cooperation, Miller said, “Have to negotiate. In any case, these are not the conditions that we obtained in the framework of the lawsuit in the Stockholm arbitration court”.

Earlier on Tuesday, Gazprom announced that construction of the first line of the “Turkish stream” will be completed in a month.

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