“Putin said the need to enter the first unit of the Akkuyu NPP in 2023

– The first unit of NPP “Akkuyu” in Turkey should be set in 2023, said Russian President Vladimir Putin at the ceremony of launching the construction of the first unit of the station.

For his part, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that in 2023 the launch of the NPP Turkey will celebrate the centenary of the proclamation of the Republic. However, he added that the project NPP “Akkuyu” envisages the construction of four units.

Putin thanked Turkey for providing the project NPP “Akkuyu” the status of strategic investments, noting that this will increase the attractiveness of the project for investors. “We are grateful to the Turkish colleagues for the decision to provide advanced joint project of the status of a strategic investment, to extend to him the list of tax privileges and preferences. I want to thank all the Turkish friends for this decision, it made the project economically feasible, profitable, I want to address with words of gratitude to the deputies of the Turkish Parliament, it will significantly enhance its commercial attractiveness for potential investors”, – said V. he.

According to Putin, Russia intends to deploy in Turkey orders for future nuclear power plant and bring it to the construction of a local business. “The Russian partners plan to actively involve in the construction of Turkish small and medium businesses. Intend to place in Turkey, a significant portion of the orders needed for future station”, – said Putin. He added that more than 350 Turkish companies have already applied for inclusion in the list of potential suppliers.

“Thanks to the project “Akkuyu” in Russia and in Turkey will be a new, modern, well-paid jobs, will develop advanced manufacturing and technology,” – said the President of the Russian Federation. Putin added that the construction will apply the latest engineering solutions, cost effective and reliable technology and are adhered to the highest standards of safety and ecological standards.

Putin noted that the construction of NPP “Akkuyu” in Turkey, creating a new sector of the economy. “The significance of this major innovation project is difficult to overestimate. In fact, today, we are witnessing the construction of Turkey’s first nuclear power plant, but also provide the basis for Turkey in the nuclear industry as a whole, we begin the creation of a new industry,” he said. Putin stressed that Turkey is very advanced in technical and economic terms for the state, but this “a new stage, a new step in the development of the economy of the Turkish Republic”.

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