“China will introduce a 25%-s’ duties on goods the U.S. exports $50 billion

– China intends to introduce a 25% duty on 106 categories of goods the U.S. exports a total volume of $50 billion a year in response to the actions of the United States, Bloomberg reported, citing a Chinese TV channel CCTV.

The new duty will operate, particularly for American cars and aircrafts, chemical and tobacco products, beef and agricultural goods including soy beans, wheat, corn and cotton.

The authorities will publish later details of the plan of retaliatory measures against the U.S., as well as the date of entry into force of the new tariffs.

The Renminbi to US dollar declined on Wednesday by 0.2% to 6.3 yuan/$1.

Futures for soy beans, in the course of trading on the CBOT have fallen in price on 4,2%. China buys about a third of the total crop of soya-beans of the United States.

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