“Eugene Lovchev became the Chairman of the IFRS “Spartak”

The Board of Trustees of the international sports society entered beetles, tractors and Tarpischev

A well – known former footballer Yevgeny Lovchev became the President of the international sports society “Spartak”.

Спорт28 Jan 2017Ловчев questioned the good results of the Russian players at the world Cup 2018Читать read more

“The Ministry of justice has approved me as Chairman of the society “Spartacus”. The Board of Trustees of the society agreed to join the President of the Russian Olympic Committee Alexander Zhukov, honorary President of the ROC Leonid Tyagachev, member of the International Olympic Committee, the President of Federation of tennis of Russia Shamil Tarpischev,” said Lovchev at a press conference on Wednesday..

“Came and the younger guys, the musician Denis Matsuev, GM Sergey Karjakin, tennis player and coach Anastasia Myskina, former players Yuri Gavrilov and Alexey Prudnikov, Igor Shalimov,” said Lovchev.

“I see the outrages that are happening in society. There are businessmen who are willing to pay money for products labelled “Spartacus”, but it turned out that the company has the right to dispose of them”, – he said.

However, he noted that he did not know where the order of Lenin, which was awarded in 1937. He also said that the lost documents of the company, in order to get them back, the society has addressed in police.

In addition, Lovchev said that the heads of the football and hockey clubs “Spartak” is ready to communicate with IFRS.

“There are contracts that allow football and hockey clubs to use signs (“Spartak” – if). We met with their leaders, who understand that this Society will maintain contact with him. Fan often asks to the football club returned to the true diamond (no inscribed in the letter “C” of the ball – if), but there are the owners of the club, if they want… there were talks, soon there will be a press conference about our community,” he said.

“There is a football and handball clubs, as well as club football. We want to be together, no matter how, contracts or something else”, he added.

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