“The Ministry of Finance from April 6 to may 8, will purchase foreign currency in the amount of 240.7 billion rubles

The daily purchase volume will total 11.5 billion rubles

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– The total amount of funds allocated by the Finance Ministry to buy foreign currency on the domestic market, in the period from 6 April to 8 may will be 240.7 billion rubles. The daily volume of purchases in this period would be equivalent to 11.5 billion rubles, said the Agency.

The expected volume of additional oil and gas revenues of the Federal budget associated with the excess of actual oil prices over the base level projected in April in the amount of 253.8 billion. The deviation of the actual received oil and gas revenues from the base monthly amount of such income and the assessment base monthly volume of oil and gas revenues from the base monthly volume amounted to 13 billion rubles.

Thus, the total amount of funds allocated for purchase of foreign currency on the domestic foreign exchange market, will be 240.7 billion rubles.

Sberbank CIB analysts evaluated the amount of monthly interventions at 250 billion rubles, noting that the daily level will rise significantly, from $169 million to $207 million, due to the “extra” of the day. The analysts of Raiffeisenbank, up to a billion additional income assessed in April, did not give a specific forecast volume of purchases, it was noted that the adjustment compared to the previous month (intervention was 45 billion less than estimates additional revenues) will be less.

The volume of purchases again began to come nearer to record values. Previously, the largest purchases were in February – 298,1 billion (15.7 billion rubles daily). At that time, the volumes were a record three months in a row. In December 2017, they reached the amount of 203.9 billion rubles (12.7 billion rubles per day) in January – 257,1 billion (15.1 billion rubles).

In March, there was a decrease in volume in 1.5 times – up to 192,5 billion (9.6 billion rubles per day).

The ruble during trading on the “Moscow stock exchange” on Wednesday afternoon had not responded to the decision of the Ministry of Finance to increase by a quarter the volume of purchase of currency (from 192.5 per to 240.7 billion rubles). The U.S. dollar amounted to 57,85 rubles/$1 at 12:02 Moscow, unchanged to the level before the announcement of the decision. The Euro also showed no change, amounting to 71,1 RUB./EUR1.

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