“The Duma has urged fans to be reasonable at the match “Arsenal” – CSKA in London

The head of the profile Committee stressed that “it Skrypalia” “already stuffed mouth,” and “football is nothing to do with it”

– The British should not expect aggressive behaviour from Russian fans of CSKA, who will attend today’s match against Arsenal in London, says the Chairman of the Duma Committee on physical culture, sport, tourism and youth Affairs Mikhail Degtyarev.

“Our fans should not tune in to the manifestation of Russophobia in London, as well as the British to expect aggressive behaviour from the Russian supporters. “The fact Skrypalia” already stuffed mouth. Football nothing to do with it,” – said Degtyarev reporters on Thursday.

The first match of 1/4 of final of UEFA Europa League “Arsenal” – CSKA will take place on Thursday in London and starts at 22:05 GMT. As reported, the match is expected the presence of almost 500 fans of CSKA.

The Russian Embassy in London has warned

On 31 March, the Russian Embassy in London said that the Russian citizens are planning to attend the match in London on 5 April, is expected to exercise discretion and caution in the conditions of ongoing in the UK “anti-Russian campaign.”

“In the context held in UK anti-Russian campaign, leading to the growth of russophobian sentiment, call when visiting the United Kingdom to exercise extreme caution, to be cautious, to adhere strictly to the laws of the host country and the rules of conduct in public places, including the stadium”, – stated in the message of the Embassy.

The Russians asked for when planning their stay in the UK to consider the mode of entry and behavior in public places. The report stated phone in the event of an emergency or detention as well as find the phone number of the person on duty of the Consul.

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