“Vladimir Mashkov headed “Snuff”

The artistic Director of “Snuff” Mashkov became after the death of the founder of the theatre of Oleg Tabakov

Actor Vladimir Mashkov, appointed artistic Director of the Moscow theater-Studio “Snuff” during the collection of trumpette: TASS, Artyom Geodakyan

– Art Director of “Snuff” was Vladimir Mashkov, he was introduced at the gathering of the troupe, Deputy mayor of Moscow Leonid Pechatnikov.

“We did a lot of thinking about who should lead the theatre created by Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov. (…). We decided to give you Mashkov and, judging by your applause, for you it was not a surprise and you this appointment was regarded favourably, and we are very happy,” said Pechatnikov.

He noted that the debate about who should lead the theatre – actor or Director – is a long time. “It is important that in the theater have kept the continuity,” said the mayor.

The new artistic Director of the “Snuff” Mashkov turn, expressed confidence that the theater “will have an interesting life”.

“I have nowhere to retreat. I saw a lot of interesting, useful in a free actor. Now I have another responsibility,” he said.

Mashkov will assume his duties on April 23. It will replace on this post of founder of the theater of Oleg Tabakov.

The permanent artistic Director of the Chekhov Moscow art theater and the founder of “Snuff” Oleg Tabakov died March 12 at 83-m to year in Moscow.

Artistic Director of the Moscow art theatre on 23 March was named Sergei Zhenovach.

People’s artist of Russia Mashkov was born in Tula, graduated from the School-Studio of MKHAT (the course of Oleg Tabakov) in 1990. Played in the theater and in film.

As a theater Director Mashkov put on the stage of “Snuff” performances of “Star hour local time”, “Passions for Bumbarash” and “death room”. On the stage of the Chekhov Moscow art theater staged a performance “№ 13”, and “the Satyricon” – “the Threepenny Opera”.

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