A truck crashed into a cafe in Germany: there are victims, 20 wounded

On Saturday afternoon in the German city of münster about 17 hours local time the truck left the pavement in the centre of the old town and crashed into a crowd of people. Three people were killed, including the driver – he killed himself. It was initially reported about 30 casualties, and later about 50, but the official police data other 20 people.

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From the outset, data on victims is varied. Called the figure of 30 people, after a short time a list of the wounded increased to 50 according to several local media. Of the injured, six in critical condition, reported the sources.

Later, the Ministry announced the provisional official data: three dead, including the driver of the truck (he killed himself immediately after the collision; if he had a firearm), and 20 victims.

The police urged citizens not to come to the center of the city, police put up a cordon. Law enforcement authorities through official channels with regularity in a few minutes urged not to speculate on rumors and not to panic, promising to provide accurate data as soon as they are received.

It planned action of law enforcement authorities – not official yet, according to media sources, is called an event. Official statement: the motives and circumstances are not yet clear. Thus in mass media there was information that the driver, a German citizen born in 1969, had problems with mental health and had previously shown suicidal tendencies.

According to some reports, police are searching for two more people that may be involved in the incident. Also there were reports that the police is examining the place of the accident for the presence of explosives.

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