Khabib Nurmagomedov – al Iaquinta: online stream UFC 223

In the night from 7 for April 8 in new York will be held tournament on the mixed single combats – UFC 223. In the main duel will meet Khabib Nurmagomedov and al Iaquinta, and at stake will stand the title belt organizations in the lightweight division. We will not pass by such an event: our live webcast will start at 06:00 Moscow time.

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Khabib Nurmagomedov via unanimous decision defeated al Iaquinta and became the new UFC lightweight champion!

ALL! All, of course, clear, but it remains to wait for the official decision!

5` is Again protected Iaquinta from suffocating in the back!

5` Total control performed by Nurmagomedov at the cage.

5` Half round to the end and finally takedown from Habib!

5` All the way and there is no passage in the leg – El now looks even better!

5` Iaquinta continues to respond harshly to the exchanges!

` The final round to come! Hardly anyone was expecting that.

4` Whoa, Iaquinta tried to do a takedown, barely failed!

4` still makes passes at the feet of our soldier.

4` Jeb lure Nurmagomedov and sensitive building momentum.

` Another five minutes behind. Interesting to see what will continue to do the Habib again in the rack?

3` Fundamentally Habib does not takedown.

3` Broken face Iaquinta, but he is tough enough now twice answered!

3` Habib and in the hands of bad acts! Even until to legs.

3` Iaquinta starts the third round with a precise jab.

` Wait, al, and before the second break! I think that was the main intrigue?

2` Nurmagomedov Continues to control the spin of your opponent and look for your moment.

2` Iaquinta could be protected from suffocation in the back!

2` Took the back Habib!

2` the Fans initially supported Habib, and now again buzzing with a lot of viscous struggle.

2` a new translation from the Russian fighter.

2` an Unexpected kick in the head was Habib!

` Ended the first round without a chance for Iaquinta yet.

1` Third takedown and a hail of powerful blows from above!

1` Systematically breaks his opponent Nurmagomedov at the cage and controls everything.

1` and here is the second takedown!

1` Suddenly was able to get Iaquinta, wow!

1` Control top Nurmagomedov and already took back!

1` Takedown from Habib!

1` First kicks deals Iaquinta.

1` the Battle has begun!

` Bruce buffer announces the main event of the evening!

` Khabib Nurmagomedov is out! Dissatisfied with the room buzzing…

` Iaquinta goes in the cage!

` And now for the main bout of the evening! Khabib Nurmagomedov vs al Iaquinta! The countdown is on.

` 49-46 all three judges gave the victory to rose Namajunas! Joanna Jędrzejczyk second time lost, and a champion remains a rose!

` ALL! Ended the fight and very warmly embraced athletes! Waiting for the decision.

` Takedown at the end of rose!

` Still in the hands of chic Namajunas.

` Badly bruised face from Jedrzejczyk.

` Exciting start to the final five! Rose shakes his opponent!

` Relatively equal, the fourth round was, perhaps a slight advantage Joanna.

` Jędrzejczyk now looks fresher.

` Gets Namajunas, but the attack somehow does not develop and is not carried forward.

` The second round ended and Namajunas with Jędrzejczyk greeted each other, which is very unexpected.

` But the rose continues to kill the opponent hands.

` Good loukiki throws Jędrzejczyk.

` Exchanged blows in the end of the round the athletes, even slightly working out yet.

` A series of hits from rose! Gorgeous counterattack Namajunas.

` There are not so many bumps and lots of movement. It and predictable.

` The first round Namajunas – Jędrzejczyk! Go!

` In front of the battle rose Namajunas and Joanna Jędrzejczyk, also for the championship belt. Wait!

` Crazy bout gave a Packed Magomedkerimov and Kyle Bochniak! Bochnak showed a lot of poise and character, although the skill clearly inferior to Russian fighter. Nevertheless, he managed to survive until the end, but the judicial decision, of course, was unanimous in favor of the jam-Packed, with what we congratulate him!

` Hello, Hello, ladies and gentlemen, big and small fans of martial arts! Well, the UFC 223 seamlessly fits to its apotheosis and we begin to prepare for the main event!

UFC 223 justly be called long-suffering. Originally Khabib Nurmagomedov was supposed to meet for the belt champion Tony Ferguson, however, six days before the tournament, the American was injured and was forced to withdraw from the fight. And the fight between these fighters is broken for the fourth time.

To replace him was ready to go champion Featherweight – Max Holloway. But during the weigh-in, when Nurmagomedov successfully underwent the procedure, it became clear that max was not allowed a medical Commission. After that, new York began the frenzy: the main fight was on the verge of collapse, and Habib did not understand with whom he will have to fight and whether the fight itself.

Considered candidates Anthony Pettis, but failed to agree financial matter – he asked for one million dollars. Then the Commission was not allowed to go into the cage, Paul Felder as he was outside the top-15 ranking.

Finally, the situation was saved by al Iaquinta, which occupies 11 th place. He has 13 wins, 3 defeats, and throughout his career, he defeated such fighters as Kevin Li, Jorge Masvidal and Diego Sanchez. The last fight he spent exactly a year ago – in April 2017.

The main event!@TeamKhabib vs @AlIaquinta for the LW strap! Unreal!! #UFC223 @DrinkBodyArmor

— UFC (@ufc) April 6, 2018

Also in the tournament we will see some interesting matches: Scored Magomedkerimov against Kyle Bochniak and, of course, rose Namajunas vs. Joanna Jędrzejczyk, also for the title of the organization.

In addition, UFC 223 surround and sporty events. For example, attack Conor McGregor on the bus with the soldiers, which had to cancel three matches, including the Russian Artem Lobov, with whom the other day almost got into a fight Nurmagomedov. Irish was arrested and then released on bail of 50 thousand dollars. I wonder whether he will appear in the tournament and if so, how will it end?

Watch the video on:
“Irish fighter Conor McGregor smashed the bus Russian Habib Nurmagomedov: video”


But, of course, the main thing for us today, as the outcome of the fight Habib Nurmagomedov. I hope that no surprises will he successfully win his title. As all will be actually – we learn very soon! “MK” will begin live online stream UFC 223 exactly at 06:00 Moscow time, don’t miss out!

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