“Not a Satanist” in Moscow have arrested the mother of baby Lucifer who tried to sell it

On the eve of the Orthodox Easter Chertanovskaya court of Moscow arrested the mother — Lucifer, whom she was trying to sell in the capital for 20 thousand dollars. Went on Saturday, April 7, to two months in jail, 34-year-old citizen of Kazakhstan Yuliya Shcheglova, meanwhile, tried to assure the court that he was not going to give her eight-month-old son to be raised in the wrong hands.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

On the selfish plans Shcheglova law enforcement officials became aware of her ad, which she posted on the social network “Vkontakte” on December 16, 2017. On one of the forums Shcheglova, registered under the name “Mama MIA”, and promised to help childless couples who wish to get a foster child. For its services, the woman asked for 20 thousand dollars. The proposal immediately there was a demand. However is in the role of a grieving couple were the operatives, who for four months were with Shcheglova active correspondence and finally met her in Moscow.

From Almaty to the capital Shcheglova along with the baby came on 5 April. With future parents of Lucifer, the woman agreed to meet on Bolshaya Tulskaya. There she wrote the rejection of their child and demanded the owed money. More than a million rubles, the woman demanded her transfer to her Bank account. However the final stage of the transaction was not destined to occur in one of banks her in the act was detained by the city inspectors…

It was expected that the court will appear at least relevant to all attributes mom of Lucifer lady. However, instead in the cell sat a pretty young woman removed in tail hair, without a gram of cosmetics Slavic face. Light jacket, jeans, comfortable boots on a flat sole – the defendant easily could pass for one mom walking with a stroller…

In court the detective said the arrest of the accused, as she is a citizen of another state, in Moscow is not registered anywhere and has no source of income. In addition, being at liberty, it may hinder the investigation.

Did not remain silent and she Scheglova. The woman explained that he wrote the announcement of the sale of a child “out of curiosity”. After a terrible experiment, she threw the SIM card of the phone that the network was looking for new parents to Lucifer and even managed to forget about the incident. In Moscow, she came to trick “klonowski” her ad people.

– Yes, I wrote the abandonment of the child, but the piece did not give anyone is not going to do that, said Shcheglov. I wasn’t going to give the child.

Is money why take? – reasonably asked the judge.

– You know, I am now in severe financial, household situation, – said the defendant.

In the end, the woman said that she wanted to get the money “fraudulently” and begged the court to allow her investigation to be with her son. In court almost a real drama played out:

– Child on breastfeeding…and the baby, but really, there was no intent to give – beginning Scheglova. – I am guilty, I confess, but in any case was not going to give it…

As evidence of his love to Lucifer, the woman even offered to watch photos and videos, which show how she cared about the kid.

– He’s clean, he has all the vaccinations, he was fed…Just happened to be in this situation. Let me return son almost in tears, asked the accused.

When the woman explained that the child is now taken care of in the house the baby and then give my own father, Shcheglov much nervous:

– It’s impossible! He never saw it, did not help…

According to the defender Shcheglova, the woman is not divorced from her husband, but the family are not going smoothly and a woman is going through difficult situation.

In the result, the defendant agreed with the court that she had nowhere to go and in the capital it does not work, so a more lenient preventive measure, she asks.

The court had no choice but to arrest her for two months, until June 6, 2018. It is already known that the situation Shcheglova became interested in the authorities of Kazakhstan and in the near future to see her in jail come to the representative of the Embassy.

However neither the court nor the defense nor the accused has not been given a response to, perhaps, the most curious question: why seemingly quite sane woman gave to his son is, to put it mildly, strange name.

– No, she’s not a Satanist, not an alcoholic, not an addict. From a good family. Once even worked in a Bank… Well, that’s how she wanted – he explained Shcheglova, adding that a non-exclusive, that the father of the child will take the name change and so suffering plenty crumbs.

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