“Ovechkin became the best sniper of the regular championship of NHL

On account of his 49 goals

Alexander Ovechkin (center), April 5, at the celebration on the occasion of his 1,000 th match in NHLFE: Reuters

– Russian Alexander Ovechkin, who plays for Washington, took first place in the list of snipers of the regular championship of National hockey League (NHL).

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On account of his 49 goals, which is five more than Patrick Laine from “Winnipeg”. Two of those goals he scored in the last match against “new Jersey”.

As for top scorer on the system “goal+pass”, they became Connor McDavid (Edmonton), who scored 108 (41+67) points. The best of the Russians on this indicator became Nikita Kucherov of the team, “Tampa Bay”. He scored 100 (39+61) points. Ovechkin is on the 11th place: 87 (49+38) points.

Earlier it was reported that the winner of the regular championship of NHL first became “Nashville”.

About to start a Stanley Cup series (the playoffs), the current holder of which is “Pittsburgh”.

The most titled club in the history of the Stanley Cup is Montreal winning 24 times.

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