“Russian hackers” with the flag of the United States has fallen off the Twitter and sites of the Russian media

A few dozen providers around the world suffered a massive cyber attack, which resulted in the temporary collapse of the Twitter and sites of some Russian media. According to reports, the hackers use the vulnerability of routers of Cisco, one of the leaders in the industry. After breaking of equipment trying to fix the destroyed engineer sees the image of the American flag and insulting message to cybercriminals. According to the American media, the hackers linked to Russia.

This “flag” hung out hackers when hacking. And the caption: “do Not meddle in our elections”

Hackers use a vulnerability in the Smart Install Client that allows you to remotely modify the configuration of equipment. The configuration is erased after that, after receiving access routers, criminals publish the message “PWNED” is a corruption from “owned” (“tapped”) and the image of the American flag.

Cisco has released a patch for the vulnerability, but to apply it could not all.

In total we had 8.5 million devices around the world. In particular, the failure occurred from Twitter and websites of the Russian media. So, the failure was reported by “Fontanka”.

Writes Newsru.com with reference to Telegram-channel IT-specialist Vladislav Zdolnikava, “off segments or even entire providers”. According to him, currently, the bot scans the Internet, which disables all router might reach. Stolnikov gives a list of vulnerable devices of the 17 models of Cisco routers.

The Enquirer claims that conducting the attack, the hackers associated with the Russian authorities and a group of Dragonfly (“dragonfly”), which became known in 2013. Then, according to one version, the Dragonfly managed to infect industrial control system security three leading manufacturers. In 2014, these hackers attributed the attack on control system of industrial safety of hundreds of European and American energy companies.

Cisco is still the day before warned about the attack. The manufacturer attributed the authorship of the Dragonfly, as well as Crouching Yeti and Energetic Bear, which was mentioned in the report unit the National office of cybersecurity the Department of homeland security United States as associated with the Russian government.

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