“The fall of the Russian stock market increased

Indices Mosberg and the RTS lose more than 3-4%

– The fall of the Russian stock market on Monday morning intensified, indices Mosberg and the RTS lose more than 3-4% on the background of the aggravated situation in Syria and a new wave of anti-Russian sanctions from the United States. While global stock markets generally demonstrate a positive dynamics of European indices added 0.1-0.6%, futures on U.S. stock index rising 0.7%.

By 10:30 Moscow time index Mosberg made 2209,72 point (-3,13%), RTS index – 1185,22 point (-4,15%), ruble prices of most of the major “chips” on “Moscow stock exchange” fell within 7.5%.

The leaders of the fall are the paper of “RUSAL” (-22,3%) and En+ (-14,7%), companies and their major shareholders on Friday was included in the sanctions list of the USA. In addition, significantly reduced the paper “Norilsk Nickel” (-7,4%), “Gazprom oil” (forecast to be minus 4.6%), Sberbank (-4,3%, the “preferred shares” lose 3.6 per cent), “Gazprom” (-4,2%), VTB (-3.8 per cent), “Rosneft” (-3,8%), NOVATEK (-3,7%), Mechel (-3,6%), Raspadskaya (-3,3%).

According to experts of “Interfax-CEA”, the fall of the Russian stock market in early trading on Monday, is the result primarily of the aggravated situation in Syria after missile attack on the air base, “Tifor” in the province of HOMS, which could potentially result in direct military conflict of Russia and other interested countries. In addition, the market is pushing a new wave of anti-Russian sanctions the United States announced on Friday.

Israel must clarify the reasons for a missile strike on the airbase “Tifor” in HOMS province, if the attack was unprovoked, it could complicate the situation in Syria, said to “Interfax” the first Deputy head of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Vladimir Jabbarov. “We need to understand what prompted Israel to strike such a blow. They have their own issues to Syria,” – said to “Interfax” on Monday Jabbarov. “If this attack unprovoked, it will not improve and will only worsen the situation in Syria,” – said the Senator.

The statement of the President of the United States Donald trump, accusing the Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad in atrocities and putting on Russia and Iran responsible for its support, may seriously change the situation in Syria, however, direct confrontation between Moscow and Washington does not need neither the Russian nor the United States, convinced Jabbarov.

“Trump is a businessman, and in business – the sooner the better. Politics should be vzveshennoe. Such explosive solutions are very dangerous in international relations, they may cause real aggravation of the situation”, – said the Senator. However, he expressed hope that “reason will prevail”. In this regard, he recalled the statement of the chief of the General staff of the armed forces that “if the Russian military in Syria and would be at risk, then we will take appropriate action”.

Speaking about the threat of a direct confrontation with the US in Syria, Jabbarov said, “unfortunately, our American colleagues too carried away with the desire to contain Russia, and it seems to me, is very much at risk”. “To engage in open conflict does not need us or the Americans – nothing good will come of it,” says the Senator.

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