“The head of Roskomnadzor not see sense in pre-trial blocking of Telegram

– The head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov said that it makes no sense to ask for pre-trial blocking of Telegram messenger.

“What’s the point?” – he answered the corresponding question of journalists on Monday.

To answer the question, what will happen the rest of the messengers, the official suggested that not get ahead of ourselves.

“Let’s eat the elephant piece by piece. We have now filed a lawsuit… and will wait for the decision of the court. While that’s all… a certain sequence of actions, we act consistently. If you look at the law, it was not our decision, we execute the decision of another body,” – said Zharov.

On Friday, April 6, Roskomnadzor filed a lawsuit about the Telegram lock due to the fact that the company has not fulfilled the requirements of the law granting the FSB the key to decrypt the message.

On 20 March the Supreme court refused to satisfy the claim Telegram to invalidate the orders of the FSB on approval of the procedure of submission by the organizers of the dissemination of information on the Internet to the office information necessary to decode taken, transferred, delivered and processed messages to the user.

Roskomnadzor was notified by Telegram about the need for 15 days to give the security agencies the information required to decode messages. In case of refusal, the Agency threatened to block access to Telegram. This period expired on 4 April.

On 2 April, the head of the international human rights group Agora, which is the messenger in the courts, Pavel Chikov said in his Telegram-the channel that the representatives of the messenger notify Roskomnadzor about the impossibility to fulfill the requirements of the FSB.

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