“Aluminum prices continued to rise because of the sanctions against RUSAL

Contracts on aluminium on Tuesday continue to rise in price on the London metal exchange due to concerns that the introduction of sanctions against “Rusala” it will disrupt the normal supply of metal to the world market.

In the course of trading on Tuesday the price of the futures rise by 0.4%, to $2148 per ton, while two of the previous trading day aluminium rose by 6.5%, reports Bloomberg.

Some traders, say market sources, allegedly has already stopped buying metal from RUSAL, which provides 6% of global aluminium production. Itself London Metal Exchange said Friday that while it will not prohibit auction of metal produced by the “RUSAL”. As they say in the message exchange, each of the “stakeholder exchange must decide whether they are satisfied with the use of the goods of individual producers, given the legal and regulatory factors”.

Friday in the morning, before the announcement of sanctions, the price of the metal declined due to the imposition of U.S. duties on imports of aluminum.

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