“Potanin has expressed confidence in the correction of actions of “Norilsk Nickel” after the collapse of the sanctions

– The shares of GMK “Norilsk Nickel” that lost on Monday was 14.6% against a collapse of the Russian stock market because of new American sanctions in the future will adjust, I’m sure the CEO and largest owner of the company Vladimir Potanin.

Economics09 April 2018Рынок Russian stock fell at the fastest rate since March 2014 godcity read more

“The company “Norilsk Nickel”, despite the fact that do not directly fall under the sanctions, however, is also faced with these headwinds, at least, fell quite significantly the shares of the company,” said Potanin in an interview to “Russia 24”.

“I’m sure they will in the long term recover, but, nevertheless, investors are never happy when stocks are falling,” said he.

Under the US sanctions fall into the shareholder “Norilsk Nickel” – “RUSAL” and its main beneficiary, the candidate, the Board of Directors of MMC Oleg Deripaska.

According to Potanin, now “a good time to take stock – what to make and how to continue to develop.”

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