“Rising prices for Moscow gas stations has accelerated

– The average price of gasoline in Moscow last week (April 2-8) scored growth rate. If two weeks prior to this price increase was only a penny, the last week the price of AI-92 has increased by 10 cents to 38.75./l, AI-95 – on 12 cents, to 41.96. of/L. this is evidenced by the data of the Moscow fuel Association (MTA).

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Most operators of filling stations in the capital have raised the prices on their stell April 2-8, except “LUKOIL” and “Gazprom oil”, which increased the cost of petroleum products even earlier.

Last week the petrol most strongly rose in price at the gas station “Rosneft” – on 22-27 cents, BP – from 19 to 24 cents, TNCs (and controlled BP by Rosneft) – 22-28 cents.

In addition, prices for gasoline were raised by independent operators station: “Neft’magistral ‘” raised prices on gasoline by 22-34 penny, “TRANS, gas station” – 20 cents, “Tisa” – 30 cents.

Rise rapidly and the price of diesel fuel last week the average petrol station in Moscow they were up by only 1 penny, and last week, the average increase amounted to 15 cents.

Noticeable in just seven days raised the price of diesel fuel independent “Neft’magistral ‘” and “Tisa” by 62 pennies and 60 cents, respectively. “TRANS, gas station” and “Vemes” (brand “ESA”) increased the price tag on diesel fuel is 20 cents. Filling-controlled Rosneft, in a week raised the price of diesel fuel at 24 to 28 cents.

The cost of gasoline at retail has gone up because wholesale prices have brought the activities of AZS in negative marginal returns, said “Interfax” Evgeny Arkusha, head of the “Russian fuel Union” (RTS), which includes AIT.

“Gasoline, at least in December and January, the yield was at retail, now it’s gone. And diesel margins generally it was not – as it entered the winter with a negative yield, and stood. And if earlier financial losses due to the cost of diesel and was covered by sales of gasoline, now and block nothing. Therefore, the diesel had to grow,” said Arkusha.

The Arcos calls minor noted last week the growth of prices for Moscow gas stations. “The average price rose not so high – about 10-15 cents, the usual smooth growth,” he said.

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