Went to kill a KGB agent: it turned out the motive men, shot the mother and son

Male, shot April 8, the mother and son in the South-West of Moscow, actually wanted to kill another person. The villain told investigators that he had planned to take revenge on the KGB Colonel over the death of his father, to which he supposedly has attitude.

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As we found out “MK”, the incident occurred on Sunday at about 16.00 on via Garibaldi. 55-year-old employee of the social insurance Fund Antonina (all names changed) was returning home after a walk with his 22-year-old son-a student of Alex. Coming to the entrance, they saw a suspicious man with a bat in his hands. The stranger tried to sneak into the entrance, however, the watchful eyes of Antonina and Alexei outsider is not allowed. In their interrogation the man (he was a 47-year-old native of the Saratov region Alexander) responded aggressively. During the proceedings he took a traumatic gun and shot the first woman in the head and then opened fire on her son. Alex tried to hide in a nearby supermarket, but Alexander caught up with him and began to beat up with a baseball bat. The offender was stopped by officers on the scene. The guards barely had to pull him off a bloody student, but this does not pacify the aggressor Alexander shouted that he wanted to kill the guy. An ambulance took the mother and son to the nearest hospital. Alex was sent to the intensive care unit with a brain injury, a gunshot wound of lip and bruises, and his mother was hospitalized with a head injury.

As has informed a source in law enforcement bodies, the woman and the boy were accidental victims of Alexander. The offender deliberately went to kill one of the occupants of the house — Colonel of the KGB, the Chairman of one of the veteran organizations of the security forces, but a sudden conflict at the entrance had interrupted his plans. The investigators found that Alexander had engaged in programming and the number at work at one of the capital’s entrepreneurs. The villain himself told the detectives that he had a motive to kill the distinguished veteran, who was allegedly involved in the death of his father. In turn, the elderly security officer said that he knows Alexander as the man last year became a member of the veterans ‘ organization, which he heads. However, the villain to the security forces is irrelevant and the Council asked for passes and permits to the machine using the acquaintance with the son of a Colonel. The Chairman of the organization said that he does not know the father of Alexander. At the same time, the investigators found that the parent of a villain ill with cancer and his son two weeks before the incident, went to his home in Saratov oblast. Detectives checked the testimony of the suspect, but so far everything points to the fact that the man had lost his mind.

As reported “MK” the press service of the GSM TFR in Moscow on the given fact criminal case under article “attempt at murder”.

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