Archaeologists have uncovered the mystery of the origin of Stonehenge

It is considered that the stones of which Stonehenge is built, has overcome dozens of kilometers before of them were created by the ancient monument of architecture. However, British archaeologist Mike Pitts suggests that the two boulders were on the construction site initially. Moreover, because these stones Stonehenge was built where it is now, said the expert.


According to scientists, most of the stones of Stonehenge had indeed been transferred from the territory of PLANO Marlborough downs in Wales, i.e. covered a distance of 35 kilometers. However, two stones were presumably from the same location now. We are talking about the stone 16, and the so-called “Heel stone”. Experts drew attention to the fact that a line drawn through these two stone, indicates a point of the horizon where the Sun rises at the summer solstice. Given the fact that Stonehenge, in all probability, had astronomical significance, this fact could be the reason for the construction of the entire complex.

According to one version, the Heel stone was originally the “sun stone”, but later the name was distorted, as the modern English “neel” (“heel”) approaches in sound to starowieyski “heol” or “haol” (“sun”).

Stonehenge — one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world, it is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. Stone megalithic structure located in England in Wiltshire, about 130 kilometers southwest of London. There are many versions on how it was created this structure and some assumptions seem quite unusual. In particular a group of British researchers under the supervision of geomorphologist Brian John of the Welsh County of Pembrokeshire in the past expressed the opinion that the stones that constitute Stonehenge, was on the territory of modern England as a result of the movement of glaciers, and have not been delivered to people. Professionals under the leadership of Mike Parker-Pearson of University College London have a different version — they believe that five thousand years ago, Stonehenge was built in Wales, and subsequently moved to Wiltshire.

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