Earthlings may not notice the aliens for an unexpected reason, said the scientists

Perhaps the earthlings are not aware of the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, even if they are they “under the nose”. With such an assumption made by neuroscientists Gabriel de La Torre and Manuel Garcia. According to experts, the inhabitants of the Earth too believe that aliens must be like them or, at least, to meet certain expectations about yourself.


Experts remind about the famous end of the last century the phenomenon called “inattention blindness”, which is manifested in the inability to pay attention to any object, not related to vision problems. Often this phenomenon is called the “gorilla effect” due to the fact that his most famous example is the experiment in the video below. To with a high probability to experience the results for yourself, you must follow the balls that pass each other, the players in white shirts and to count how many times throughout the video they transmit to each other a pass.

People who see a movie of this kind for the first time, in half of the cases do not notice that in the frame of a man in a gorilla suit. In turn, those who are familiar with the experiment and that expected, often missing out on some other seemingly conspicuous part.

In the course of their study, the researchers conducted a similar experiment — they asked 137 volunteers to find various man-made objects such as bridges and houses on the satellite photos of the area, and in such structures most of the volunteers did not notice located on the photos small photos of gorillas, which in normal conditions would be evident.

Therefore, experts put forward the assumption that even if the person is actively searching for aliens, not to pay any of malesevo attention to the signs of their existence if they, for example, will consist of any unusual forms of matter. The researchers think this argument in favor of the fact that when you search for aliens should not limit yourself to too strict criteria, which the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations should meet.

The study was published in the journal Acta Astronautica.

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