Psychologists have proven that man sees only what he wants

A person’s mood affects how he perceives reality much more than you might think. According to experts from the University of California in San Francisco, often subconscious causes a person to see the surrounding objects are not such as really.


As the authors of the study, people perceive information as active, that is, not just sees something and reacts to it, and immediately analyzes the data obtained on the basis of existing experience. To understand how this makes it difficult to perceive reality objectively, the researchers conducted a series of experiments.

One eye man is usually “leading” as one hand. They experiment participants saw a picture of a man with a neutral expression. At the same time before the second eye periodically appeared the picture of a smiling or scowling face. The second image is not too perceived on a conscious level, however, it is alleged, was to influence the subconscious of the participants. The description of the technology largely resembles the “25-th frame”, although, unlike him, actually works — at least, so say the experts.

After some time, the volunteers were asked to choose from multiple images most similar to the one shown earlier. Although the face on the main picture, shown previously, did not Express any emotions, participants often chose those images where people are smiling, as “invisible” more picture.

According to experts, these results prove that the people studying the world around him through the prism of their own emotions and subconscious reactions, so even a direct look at a particular object cannot always be considered sufficient to obtain objective information about it.

The study was published in the journal Psychological Science.

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