Scandal in the match CSKA – Dynamo: why bucked Musa

According to the results of the 25th round a little away from his pursuers a couple of the main contenders for the championship “Spartak” and “locomotive” confidently beat “Anzhi” and “Rostov”, respectively. But nice density in the table suggests that the ending of the championship it will be a thrilling and tense, as only one club out of sixteen by the beginning of April managed to lose motivation — Khabarovsk SKA seems to have nothing to save from relegation. The rest of the team continue to try to do everything possible to realize your own potential.

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In the “Tosno” recalls the goalscoring exploits have been written off Pavel Pogrebnyak and Spartak delivered a hat-trick Quincy promes, not who scored in the Premier League last year. Replaced a week ago the head coach “Krasnodar” won under the leadership of 34‑year-old Murad Musaev in St. Petersburg, and khokhlovskoe “Dynamo” continues to grow in both combinatorics and snatches victory from CSKA on Sandy street. To share impressions of the major events of the past round we asked the permanent expert “MK” head of the Association of domestic coaches Mikhail HERSHKOWITZ.

Scandal tour: the unhappy Musa?

“MK”: is Replaced in the 58th minute of the match with “Dinamo”, CSKA striker Ahmed Musa exponential does not shake hands with the head coach of CSKA Viktor Gancharenko. However, Victor M. after the match at least pretended that did not attach importance to the incident: “we Have a healthy team, and these moments can happen in any family. Uttered in the emotion of something…”

Note that Musa, who replaced Fedor Chalov scored the only goal of the army within two minutes after appearing on the field. As for the Nigerian striker, who returned to the winter break on loan to CSKA player in all four matches the red and blue in the Premier League has consistently been in the starting lineup for the first time and did not finish until the final whistle. While Musa did not participate in any of the seven goals scored during that time CSKA goals.

Gancharenko with all its apparent peaceful act Ahmed touched, which resulted in a rather emotional and sometimes coarse tirade against the player. However, judging by the reaction of the coach to the situation at the post-match press conference, the conflict, if occurred, will be extinguished as soon as possible.

Hershkowitz: I was at this match and saw a little more than the television images. Seeing how the Mousa, I would do a game not set. If it happen chances, he doesn’t use them. Except in the match against Lyon the Nigerian looked decent. Neither he nor for vitinho do not leave your game a good impression: eyes do not burn, the dedication is not at the proper level. So when in a match with “Dinamo” these legionaries was replaced by Golovin and Chalov, it was absolutely natural.

Great mind and translation of Pontus Wernbloom in the attacking line on a regular basis. Much good a Swede as a Central striker I don’t see, and his absence in midfield has a negative impact on their defense. Remember how many of the attacks “Dynamo” began with the failures of the army in the holding area. So a maneuver with the transfer of Wernbloom in the attack is not justified.

Regarding the Monday match, I would like to acknowledge the work of Dmitry Khokhlov. Since his arrival the team was organized. Yeah, almost enough for the entire match, just clung to their goal in the end. Work Khokhlova is impressive, you can see how the team is improving from match to match.

Tears tour: Shatov received an ovation in St. Petersburg

MK: He just scored in gate “Zenith”, was applauded by the entire football Peter. And he didn’t just let avaricious man’s tears, and he came close to tears on the bench after replacement. So strong feelings had to experience. This, as you know, Oleg Shatova.

Then Oleg will tell us how, in his opinion, was unfair to him in Zenith, writing off in breakage, and without giving a chance. How he longed to play against the team of Roberto Mancini and with what particular attitude out on the field. And about what to expect in this life can only be yourself. In these words there was a lot more human than a football. As tears flowed from the eyes of the midfielder.

Distributed on-loan Zenit continue knocking at the doors of the national team. In Tula sold Artem Dzyuba, gaining on average at Arsenal more than one point per game. Oleg Shatov has demonstrated that the way the team of “Krasnodar” no more long, than “Zenith”. Midfielder played against his former team brilliant match and was perhaps the best player of the game.

Gershkovich: let’s Start with the fact that Oleg is a good player. If restore my best condition and will receive game practice, then this is the suitable player for the team. It is a pity that Zenit started to distribute Russian collections on the leases only in the winter, and not before. It would be in the interests of players and the national team. And what happens in the “Zenith”, and generally defies common sense.

Debut tour: the 34‑year-old Musaev defeated Mancini

“MK”: not Long after the resignation of Igor Shalimov had to guess who the next will stand at the helm of FC Krasnodar. 34‑year-old Murad Musaev albeit with the prefix “acting,” but headed “bulls” with the coaching bench for a week after the dismissal of Igor Mikhailovich. The time to debut is hardly appropriate, since conducting the first independent match to the rig on the road in St. Petersburg — the test is not easy. And the first 20 minutes of game, in recognition of the same Murad O., his team frankly failed. But in the end put the squeeze on a big opponent in the end and scoring when the owners no longer had time to recoup.

Obviously, changing the head coach “Krasnodar” for six rounds to finish the championship, the team management hoped to achieve two goals: to psychologically shake up the team and give a young coach to get used to the team with which he will have to prove their viability in the next season. The risk, given the standings of the bulls, not the greatest, because to depart from the European zone (to be below the fifth place) “Krasnodar” can only in horrific circumstances. But to jump to the third ligachampion place on those emotions a chance. The more that the bulls in the remaining five rounds will hold meetings with all leaders of the championship, with the exception of “Spartak”.

Talk about “Krasnodar” Musayev premature approximately the same extent as today to discuss the exchange rate of the ruble to the dollar, what will happen, say, in August. But congratulations with the successful debut of Murad O. there is every reason. After the game, many players talked about the confidence of the young specialist and his prospects, but Musayev has yet to win credibility in the team where there are players older than the coach himself. And the first step was made in St. Petersburg.

Hershkowitz: Murad Musayev, a young specialist, who worked for many years in the “Krasnodar” with the brace. Victory over “Zenith” — a good start, but it’s the team that prepared Igor Shalimov. In the few days that had Musayev with the first team to make major adjustments in the game impossible. Is that attitude Yes, to strengthen the sense of responsibility add. “Krasnodar” was on the move, at least in the second half, the bulls outplayed Petrograd. Not inclined to recommend the new coach of “Krasnodar”, but I sincerely wish him success in his new position.

The balance of the tour: “the locomotive” has kept the separation

MK: Cute Karpinski “Rostov” remained without points, which allowed Lokomotiv to maintain the separation from the nearest pursuer — “Spartak”, which is still two or five potential points. After the failure in Moscow in the previous round with “amkarom” morale “railroad” caused some concern not only for the fans, but Yuri Syomin, who before the opening whistle, said that he will be able to evaluate only at the end of the match. And we must assume that Yury Pavlovich was pleased with what he saw, because his team, despite the modest account, quite confidently dealt with a tough opponent. And this is without defining the command pattern of the player Igor Denisov. Template “won the class” fits in this case perfectly. Confidence that you had the opportunity and every reason to charge in this meeting Loko, five rounds before the completion of the championship race for the “railroad” is much more important than teamwork or team speed.

Have not experienced difficulties with the set points and the closest rival Lokomotiv — Moscow “Spartak”. Hat-trick for Quincy Promes, the Dutch have done in 17 minutes ensured the red-and-white a comfortable advantage in three goals before 30 minutes of the meeting. Team Massimo Carrera, which at this time for various reasons was not Andrei Yeshchenko, Fernando and Denis Glushakov played easily and efficiently. And brighter than all of the players, which we often used to see on the bench, proved to sofiane Hanni, who played in the position “behind the striker”.

Hershkowitz: “the locomotive” and “Spartak” has done what is required of candidates for the championship — won. Red-white defeated “Anji” is quite easy, but too many questions to the level of playing they. So to play defense, when fighting for survival, not because Muscovites not only scored, but also a lot of chances they didn’t. It is visible that “Spartak” has got decent pace, plays on the drive. I think the team Carrera to be the last battle for “gold”.

Noticeable had the advantage in the match with “Rostov” and “Loco”. Many goal-scoring chances was not, but at the gate of the red-green and did not allow the opponent to create. Glasses are now at a premium, reliability in defence comes to the fore. “Loco” is well organized, rational, and Yuri Semin out of his players all the best. Game tactics can change from game to game, and during one game, too, and experienced strategist and tactician Semin definitely feels the need for change and able to contribute. I am convinced that in the remaining rounds “the locomotive” will play extremely efficient, to play the football that scores, not aesthetic pleasure.

Say, Semin admitted that he did not know, in what psychological state is his team after “Amkara”? I think Yuri Pavlovich cunning, all he knew. Without disruption, like what happened in the match with the Perm, not a long tournament distance. And the self-confidence and a great understanding of each subsequent maneuver on the field just distinguish the “Loco” from other teams.

Premier League. 25th tour

CSKA — Dynamo — 1:2, “Anji” — “Spartacus” — 1:4, “Lokomotiv” — “Rostov” — 1:0, “Tosno” — “Ural” — 2:2, “Arsenal” — “Ufa” — 2:1, “Zenit” — “Krasnodar” — 1:2, “Rubin” — “Ahmad” — 3:2, “SKA-Khabarovsk” — “Amkar” — 0:2

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