“Two of the Deputy Chairman of Sberbank bought its shares for 45 million rubles

– Deputy Chairman of the Board, Treasurer of the savings Bank of Russia Alexander Morozov bought 25 thousand common and 50.5 thousand preferred shares of Sberbank, said in a press release of the credit organization.

As a result, the share of Morozov in the authorized capital of the Bank increased from 0,0014% to 0,0017%.

The Chairman of the Board of Sberbank Stanislav Kuznetsov has purchased 134 thousand ordinary shares of the Bank and its share in the authorized capital of Sberbank amounted to 0,00059%. The exact price of the transactions is not specified.

Top managers of Sberbank from time to time acquire his shares, and bonds. To the value of shares is linked, including motivational program for the management of the Bank is one of the parameters to calculate the size of variable part of remuneration.

Sberbank shares on Monday fell sharply in price on the Moscow exchange on the background of General negative dynamics. Maximum fall of an ordinary 9 APR reached 20% of the opening level. On Tuesday, April 10, ordinary share at the close was worth 214,8 rubles, which is 0.8% greater than the value the previous day.

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