Actor of the Taganka talked about the game Vysotsky and passions Zolotukhina

We meet in a cafe near the Theatre on Taganka — the more, the first, where Yuri Lyubimov put their brilliant performances, which the audience was bursting like probably nowhere else.

It was there that began the theatrical career of the honored artist of Russia Valery Chernyaev. It so happened that five years his neighbor in the dressing room was Vladimir Vysotsky and Valery Zolotukhin he had a close friendship.

photo: From personal archive

Valery Chernyaev, Love and Chirkov Valery Zolotukhin in the play “I, Vysotsky Vladimir”.

— Valeriy Nikolayevich, how did you get to the Theater on Taganka?

— I was accepted in early 1975. I studied at drama school in Sverdlovsk, and visited for winter break to watch the performances in the two capitals. In the Taganka Theater two nights in a row could not get! And I, the man who knew all the theater doors. The next day in the morning drove up to the service entrance in the hope that it will catch any of the artists and ask for a pass and went to meet he Lyubimov. Rushed to him: “Yury Petrovich, I came from Sverdlovsk. In your theater, it is impossible to get!” And he took me to the rehearsal. For what volunteered to help mounter, got another ticket for the performance. It lasted for five days. And then I saw on the Bulletin Board: “Show by students of the Shchukin school”. And persuaded the Director of the troupe to give permission to appear. Introduced me as an actor of drama theater of Sverdlovsk.

— What did you read? Remember?

— Started to read “the Execution of Stenka Razin” by Yevgeny Yevtushenko. Yuri Petrovich listened to: “And you play the guitar?” And I sang no more, no less, the song “My little Prince” Alexander Dolsky. Everyone is looking at Lyubimov. Only later I learned that he disliked Exupery. Then he asked: “what else?” I sang Vysotsky. Yuri Petrovich said, “You prepare us Hlouse. Volodya often fails. When?” I had to admit that I’m still a student. I came with a diploma. The month waited for the show until Lyubimov staged the Opera in Italy. Lived with friends who did not believe that the boy from the periphery arranged in the best theatre in the country. But I took it and immediately gave the key of the room in her Dorm. I lived there until Boris Galkin.

— How were you received?

Theatre was at its peak, I’m not paying attention. I like clung to the chassis is going to take off of the aircraft. You did even with Vysotsky. Then I found out that when Nikolai Gubenko left the theatre to study directing at the Higher courses for his role introduced Vysotsky. When he began to go on stage instead Gubenko, all hissed: “Lord, who took it?!” Any input — a violation of the accepted order of things. Different tone, different style. Everyone was annoyed. I will never forget his first outing in the role of Khlopusha. Women-mourners, whispering: “What is this actor? The horror.” And I heard it all. The audience began rustling programs, “what not Vysotsky’s playing?” Now no matter what is not decided! At the same time proud of what came out instead Vysotsky. In my workbook it’s a recording of a prize for entering in the play “Pugachev” in the role of Khlopusha. Received ten rubles!

— Vladimir Semenovich did not ask how best to play this role?

— When the film came out “Thank God I’m alive”, I did not want to watch it, and a month and a half I suddenly asked: “have You seen yourself in a movie? You Bezrukov plays.” There’s a scene when he, a young actor, comes to Vysotsky and says, “I gotta play Khlopusha. Anything you tell me?” It was. With these words I walked over to Vladimir Semenovich. He said, “Only I beg you — do not play any images. Nakajimi verse. And please: make it so that I was removed from that role. I’m so tired of it. It hurts.” And it was on your knees jump to stand, when the chains hit. And why would he Springer can? He has already played hamlet!

— You were in the dressing room. How many people it was designed?

— There were 10 people. Vysotsky, Filatov, laughter, Khmelnitsky, Farad, DYKHOVICHNY — all stars! Another Ramzes Dzhabrailov, Yuri Smirnov, Sobolev Seva, Vitaliy Shapovalov — wonderful actor who played brilliantly in the theatre the Sergeant Vaskov in the play “the dawns here are quiet…”, Pontius Pilate in “the Master and Margarita”. Vladimir Semenovich was sitting by the window. But Zolotukhin was located in the dressing room for older actors on the first floor, because his legs ached. In the play many times had to change and Valery was hard to run from floor to floor.

photo: From personal archive
Two of Valery Chernyaev and Zolotukhin.

— What is the most memorable of communication with Vladimir Vysotsky?

— Once approached him: “Mr mayor, you will not listen to me? I also write songs.” I failed because it was overworked. And after six months I accidentally caught him in the dressing room and said, “Well, where’s the guitar? Come show me!”

— Do you remember?

— He remembered it all. I have a dead loved one in the Urals. In the evening after the show to fly, and the ticket 10 rubles is not enough. Ran all around the theater — no one. Advised to Igor Petrov, saying that he always has money. I said to him: “Igor, help me out!” — “Man, in my book a lot, but not with me…” Go down the long corridor toward Vladimir Semenovich. And the workers said to me, “Maybe Vysotsky ask?” But I knew he wouldn’t lend, except to those who suffer sober! Was ready to write that yesterday I drank a lot and I feel bad, but he immediately asked: “How much?” “Ten rubles.” — “No problem.” He pulls from his back pocket a pack of a dozen. Month I have not had the opportunity to give back: sitting on the rocks. When I earned money at the concert, immediately ran to the dressing room and returned to Vladimir Semenovich debt. He just said, “Oh! And I thought you were ten!” On all life remembered.

And with songs as it was all the same?

— Sing one, two. He asks: “is there more?” Sing the third and fourth. Vysotsky is silent. Say, “Well, what?” Answering echo: “What?” “Well?” “What?” Ask him the main question: “Should I write songs?” And suddenly he says, “You know I forbid you all, do not publish, and I was rushing. And no one asking me or not. Think about it”. I thought about it and stopped.

— In the theater knew that Vladimir Semenovich has a drug problem?

— About drug nobody even knew existed, I took it to the theatre once five years have seen the drunk. It was in the play “Ten days that shook the world”. We went into the dressing room, and he sits with some Caucasian and drinking brandy. Laughter could not resist: “Volodya can’t!”. Gave a call, Vysotsky came out, but it was obvious that he drank. And here’s the last scene of the first act: he is on the table in the way of Kerensky, and utters the last words: “All forward! I’ll be thinking about the future of Russia!”. At this point he had to jump off the table. Mounter is already on to remove this table, while closed light curtain. Vysotsky falls flat, barely had time to catch up. In the second act instead played Valery Zolotukhin.

— You called Vysotsky’s only in my name?

— Of course, he did not tolerate familiarity. I will tell you. Along comes Vitaly Shapovalov, Shapen his name was in the theater, because he’s the only one of us graduated from the school of music. Suitable Vysotsky: “Volodya, today I heard your song, but my advice to you: here in this place make the seventh chord” (a chord consisting of four sounds, which are arranged or can be arranged by thirds). Everyone tensed, because he knew Vysotsky it is impossible to make comments. Vladimir Semenovich snapped: “Why, Shapen? Me people without understand seventh chord!”. It takes a month, full dressing room, there is Vysotsky and says to all: “Chapin, let me see, where’s your seventh chord!”

— Vladimir Semenovich knew his worth?

— Of course. 79th year. Vysotsky have to go to the Marina for 4 months in Paris. Lyubimov spent in the theatre collection. Swears: “Blossomed, pilfered theatre concert brigades. In the theater — only the bride-price. Where Vysotsky?” The stairs just raised Vladimir Semenovich. “Mr. Wysocki, you the meeting is not mandatory?” — asks Lyubimov. “Yury Petrovich, I am waiting for you in your office”. “Have you seen? — outraged Lyubimov and then: — I’ll come!” Then the Secretary said the content of the conversation. Vysotsky: “I had to go away for 4 months!” Lyubimov: “I will not go. The middle of the season. You are a leading actor.” Vysotsky: “I have not asked a favor. I make known!” Lyubimov: “I will replace you in the chest!” Vysotsky: “You first find the artist!” He turned and was gone.

Five years in the same dressing room. And you close with Vladimir Semenovich did not communicate?

— No. Only in the theatre. I never sat at home and he was not. What am I? Even Valery Zolotukhin had never been in the apartment at the Georgian. And because they at the time swore to each other in the blood, which will not be removed without the other. What? Just four movies… and Then they parted ways. Hamlet they have dissolved completely.

But with Valery Zolotukhin you were very good friends literally until his last days. He gave you the book with a touching autograph. I can say that he was honest with you?

— I think so. And began our friendship with the play “Ten days that shook the world”. Once, literally 4 hours before the start, Vysotsky called from another city that it will not. It was necessary to urgently find a replacement. But how? He’s played multiple roles in this production, wrote many songs and sang them himself. All, of course, didn’t want such replacement. And I long once the actor said: “Valera, teach the role that you like, and wait for someone from the performers break your leg or get sick.” I thought that this case — my finest hour. Decided I would do it. Ran into litcast to rewrite the words. Learned the song, but once given the first call, it made me tremble inside.

photo: From personal archive
Theatre on Taganke “Ten days that shook the world” on tour in Helsinki. 1982. Without Vladimir Vysotsky.

One actress described to me such as: if a white sheet before my eyes.

— Absolutely. The people behind the scenes was full — all came to see the artist, which is now replaced Vysotsky. And the song is complicated:

In pieces of rasleela crown

No power, no throne.

Life in Russia and law — all to hell!

The camera is creepy. Start to sing and feel that you have forgotten the words. Pull “pieces…” and helplessly look back at the actors. Zolotukhin realizes something is wrong. And sings. I picked up “to hell”. Sergeyitch (as I called it) seems, that I remember. But before my eyes again the white sheet. Zolotukhin sang for me. Of course, I learned the text by heart, shouting day and night. And when the situation with the replacement repeated Sergeyevich supported me. In General, entrusted with the role again, and here I blundered!

— You performed together?

We had a good tandem. I went out to warm up, then engage Sergeyevich. Has traveled the Union, twice in America and toured in Israel in one apartment lived a month even in the election of the Governor of Sverdlovsk region participated. And never between us the cat did not run.

— Who campaigned for? Remember?

— Of course. Alexander Burkov, he is now acting Governor of the Omsk region. And then, in 1999, he had to take third place after Rossel and the mayor of Sverdlovsk, and came in second. First, for us all the doors were open but when we went to the second round, all DK together given the heave-Ho. We were on the street, the power was supplied from the apartments.

— It strikes me that, he published his diaries. Many people was offended by Zolotukhina, because there were things that happened to eye to eye.

— I then realized. One sits in my car at the theater and laughs: “a slap in the face from one actress!”. It turns out that it gave him deeply personal experiences, and Zolotukhin all dumped in the diary! Sometimes I, too, kept him honest conversations, and he must then write it down. Now I fear that my revelations will see the light of day… (Laughs).

— What were his greatest passions in life: theatre, women?

— First and foremost he was a theatre and cinema. And, of course, he adored, in my opinion, all women and was very worried if he doesn’t reciprocate. He’s months as a cat could wait. If there was a time any could inspire and cavalry assaults sometimes frustrated. Told me stayed in the same hotel. Suddenly a call: “Relax with the girl you want?” — “I want! She is 18?” “You got it!”. Starts the prelude. Sergeyevich asked her: “do You know me?” “No.” Name calling. About anything. “And the film “master of the taiga” watched?” “No.” He yelled to her, “Oh, frost, frost!” the girl’s got square eyes. “A “Bumbarash” saw?” — not appeased Zolotukhin. “What is it?” He pulls the last trump: “Vysotsky know?” The girl looks at his watch and asks: “You will renew?” She came on business, and he told her the exam had!

— I heard some funny alcohol stories with Valery Sergeyevich. You too, have probably been a witness.

— See, he even binges were “healthy” that is conscious. When Mikhail Schweitzer invited him to play Mozart in “Little tragedies”, he was so scared that a special drink for two weeks, hoping to find another contractor. And then we played — and how! And in the theater, this happened. Sergeitch could drink just from the unwillingness to go somewhere, to him from behind.

— And on the stage could in this state to go?

In Israel we were on tour with the troupe with a performance of “I, Vysotsky Vladimir”, which was supplied to us with my wife, actress Love Chirkov, Valery Zolotukhin, according to the book of Marina Vladi “Vladimir, or Interrupted flight”. We lived in a three room apartment. Organizers stocked the fridge and always put a bottle of vodka “Capital”. After the performance, during the conversation we quietly drank. Sergeitch said to me: “Run!”. And in the morning it is as if nothing had happened already on the head is worth it! The last time seven minutes was. I asked: “you Have a headache?” He said: “Valera, I don’t know what a headache!”. But once again, when I complained that us one bottle of “Capital” a little, put vodka “Stalingrad”, 0.75 liters. To drink it was impossible ammonia! But Sergeitch was applied and the performance was thoroughly drunk, but still went on stage. Announce it again at the end and he sleeps in the dressing room. I wish I didn’t Wake up! But then he gave me: “Valery, but “Stalingrad”-that I took!” When it came to Irina Lindt, he didn’t drink a single gram. Three years kept, no champagne in the New year, it was preparing for the birth of a son. He loved her very much.

And on the last day of the birth of Sergei we sat with him in his tiny room at the theatre, when suddenly a call — Sergey Vadimovich Stepashin, Chairman, accounts chamber, congratulated. And Valery immediately tells me how he helped build his theatre in Altai. He asked him to put in a word to the President. Stepashin promise, and Putin was asked about Zolotukhin: “And he doesn’t drink anymore?” “Do you understand? — proudly told me Sergeyevich. The President knew that I was drinking!”. The main thing that helped. And in Barnaul today there is a youth theatre named after Valery Zolotukhin.

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