Mark Tishman: “the Brain is working well in the new environment”

Most fans of the graduate of “Factory of stars‑7” Mark Tishman familiar mostly with his musical creativity. But soon the actor is going to appear before the audience in the acting role in his own one-man show “Faces. The effect of the absence” which will be held on 16 and 23 April in the theater “Nikitsky gate.” The author and the main character told readers of “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, why did he do it.

Credit: courtesy of the artist

Mark, your fans to say, you will soon surprise dramatic art…

— Although I sing and write music myself, I graduated from GITIS. And I think that the theatre, now performing arts is the most honest and far less than show business or TV, for the money involved. I wish I was not limited in any frame of the concert, nor the scope of the corporate. Me to have the opportunity to demonstrate all of what I want to say and share with the audience. So I decided to put the show. On the poster you can see the image of the head, which protrude from different faces. It’s the people that seem to control me. Recently I saw a social network post, which has garnered thousands of likes. They discussed why we educate children at a school program in literature, where all the works of women are unhappy. Anna Karenina and other heroines of Tolstoy, Kuprin or Dostoevsky… it turns out this life script: to love — you have to be miserable. I asked the question: what scenarios run me? And in this play I from your face tell stories of thirteen different characters. This is a rather long text, which I now actively teach heart.

— It must be difficult as the text to teach?

— On the contrary! Says Professor Tatiana Chernigovskaya, you have the brain to always give the unknown load. If you do the math — teach prose, if you teach languages — do some math. I quite a long time sang only the songs, and now that I teach five pages of prose, it physically invigorates me.

— What else is new tax the brain, but memorizing a large amount of text?

— Was my experience — I taught Chinese language in the framework of the TV project. It was a short experience, but I highly recommend to all, because the Chinese in its structure, does not learn as European languages. When I studied the language, the body was in good shape. You’re not sick, even if around the epidemic. Our brain controls our body, its physical abilities is a scientifically proven fact. Language learning prolongs life. I want to sit for the French.

— Besides learning languages, you still using some load to keep yourself in good shape? Maybe physical…

— One of my life principles in recent years — often walking. If I understand that can walk, will never go by car. I even try to Park far away to walk to the right place. Unfortunately, do not always have the opportunity to train in the gym — not enough time, but I a lot of Bicycle riding. Love to travel: you can take it out on half a day or two and go somewhere, they take the bike and ride. For example, when I was preparing for this play, bought a ticket and flew to a day and a half in Barcelona. There is the sea, delicious food — I love seafood. And there nobody knows. Sit, rehearse out loud. The brain works very well in the new environment.

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