Nastassja Kinski arrives in Moscow

German actress Nastassja Kinski will soon come to Moscow. She will become a member of the jury of the Moscow film festival.

photo: AP

In the movie she starred with for 12 years and became the star of the movie “Tess” of Roman Polanski. Kinski has always attracted filmmakers, who turned to the Russian classics. For some reason they felt it mysterious Slavic soul. Nastassja Kinski starred in the movie “Father Sergius” by Leo Tolstoy – “the light shines in the darkness” famous Italian Directors Taviani brothers. It is invited in “Humiliated and insulted” Dostoevsky Russian Director Andrei Eshpai. Kinski starred in the Hollywood film “Maria’s lovers” by Andrei Konchalovsky. Now she is a rare visitor at the site. Most recently her work in the film “Sweetness” of 2013.

Not so long ago – in 2015 – Nastassja Kinski arrived in Yerevan for the festival “Golden apricot”, where he received an honorary award “Parajanovi Taler” is about the same which is made, while in prison, the film Director Sergei Paradjanov from yogurt lids. She presented her retrospective, enjoyed the famous cognac at a local factory and … ran away to the city. In her filmography is the painting “city Walk” – and she loves to explore unfamiliar territory, to listen to their sounds and rhythm

57-year-old Nastassja Kinski is similar to the child shy, shy of cameras. It is Blendable with a large gathering of people does not know how to behave, what to say in front of a large audience. Maybe that’s why, he ran away in Yerevan aimlessly without telling anyone. The actress then talked about how he surprised to see her, a passerby. But Kinski reassured him, admitted that it does it, and he’s not crazy. It’s so clear when the man suddenly runs away from the hotel.

In the same 2015 year, Kinski became the face of the Venice film festival, and her image adorned the posters of the famous film festival. Then, the actress has stated its willingness to remove documentary films about sports. She wanted to tell what strength it takes to reach the records. But it seems all that remained at the level of conversation.

She loves Dostoyevsky. Parents, by the way, gave her the name in honor of the heroine of the novel “the Idiot” Nastasia Filippovna.

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