On the 90th anniversary of Evgeny Svetlanov will start a crazy weekend

Renowned conductor, composer and pianist Evgeny Svetlanov for 16 years not in the world, but every year, through the efforts of family and friends come from a kind of greetings: a street in Moscow named after him, one of the regional Philharmonic, and now a new “gift” — very soon will be held for the fourth authoritative conductors ‘ competition in his name in Paris, followed by an unusual festival in the walls of the Moscow Conservatory.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

— When Evgeni was not, — says the ideologist of the competition and festival Marina Bauer, — his wife, Nina Alexandrovna tried to do the maximum to promote the name of Svetlanov and his legacy. The first thing we organized what he wanted, is conducting a contest. It wasn’t easy, but as said the Maestro — “the main thing is to have the stars.” And, I must admit, the moment Svetlanov did not, the stars was very good: the first competition in 2007, we spent in Monaco, then in Montpellier in 2010 (there was the last during the life of a performance on the Opera house stage), and then in 2014 — and it was a dream, the contest moved to Paris.

The fourth competition will be held in September this year, also in Paris, a new concert auditorium of Radio-France. This day has already received about 350 applications from 49 countries. Of these, 39 from Russia. And by sex of the total number — 34 female conductor. The number of women is growing every year very rapidly. And organizers say very high quality candidates, of whom 18 persons will take place in the first round.

— France is his favorite country, besides, he twice operated successfully there and extended Svetlanova life more than ten years.

If previously the Chairman of the jury was Vladimir Ashkenazy, now this place will be the conductor Alexander Vedernikov. I hope he will soon announce its vision of competition, because in three of the past there was only one conductor, receiving the first prize, the now world-famous Andris Poga; the rest of the year first prize was not awarded. Due to high level of review to which few could reach. How will this time — the big question, especially because we have all heard the recent Gergiev statement on the part of the violin of profession at the Tchaikovsky competition: there is also the violin did not receive first prizes, and Gergiev gave to understand that this may be a bug in the jury — do in the world today it is impossible to find such a great violinist?

And Vedernikov, and Svetlanov something went a similar path, both worked at the Bolshoi theatre, they are much closer to each other, — said Ms. Bauer, but in addition to the contest I had the idea to “bring” Maestro Svetlanov in his house, where he worked with his orchestra for many years, where his soul — at the Moscow Conservatoire, Grand hall of the Conservatory. And I spontaneously came to the program from 13 gigs, like painting a portrait of Evgeny Fedorovich, covering all aspects of his work. Crazy idea for two days to give as many shows, but the rector of the Conservatory came toward us.

So, minifestival “the universe — Svetlanov” will be held on November 10 and 11, as would be chronologically after the contest Svetlanov, and format it in every sense is unusual. Ushers will move from the foyer up the stairs, the first floor access is free and there are exhibitions and performances by student groups, and may screen online translation, in short, active life. Concerts go non-stop from 12.00 noon until night. The weekend opens with the famous Tchaikovsky’s Trio “in memory of a great artist” (soloist — Vadim Repin, Alexander Knyazev Andrei Korobeinikov).

— Svetlanov himself as the universe, continues Bauer, is constantly seen in Europe, musicians, who tell me — “And you remember how he played? How did he conduct? Do you remember how everyone cried in the final?”. And I am very glad that the festival will bring together orchestras of the Moscow Conservatory, and the conductors will be the winners of the competition. Svetlanov different years: Robert Trevino, Roberto Fores Veses, and others.

— Whether coming to the festival, the winners of last September’s contest?

They do not come to this, and the next mad weekend — meets Marina Bauer, and to hold such festivals, we want every two years. In addition, it is important to show all the facets of the personality of Maestro Svetlanov — after all, he is a composer, conductor and pianist. So almost every concert will feature his works — Poem for violin and orchestra, “Memories”, three romances on poems Stepana Schipacheva etc.

— Master classes for performers in the walls of our Conservatory, no surprise, adds the rector, Alexander Sokolov, — and here the master-classes for conductors is the most valuable phenomenon in the course of the festival. And, of course, you will have a temptation of a choice because the concerts would go three times a day in three different rooms.

Well, not surprisingly is the name of Svetlanova has generated and generates musical wonders, drawing into its orbit increasing number of talented soloists and audience.

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