SK blamed the negligence of the fire chief arriving at a burning “Winter cherry”

A criminal case of negligence brought against the chief of the guard of firefighting and rescue unit in the Kemerovo Sergei Genin arrived at the fire in TRTS “Winter cherry”. The investigation details SK announced on Wednesday.

Photo: Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.

The commander of a link of gas and smoke protective service Genin with a squad Bredovym Malyshenko and a firefighter entered the building through the West door, together with “eyewitness of the events” Ananyev. Recall that the Ananiev — not just the witness: in the theater “Winter cherry” at the time were his three daughters.

When Ananiev went down, he was already known the shortest way up to the cinema on the fourth floor. He told rescuers that in the cinema a lot of people, including children, and showed closest to the entrance stairway.

“Genin, as believes a consequence, ignored this information and not cross-checked with existing plans-schemes the shortest way to the rescue of people”, – stated in the message of Investigatory Committee. In the end, it turned out that Genin subordinates went to the far staircase, and climbed to the fourth floor, ran into the closed door. They’re back. The door to the stairway, which they showed Ananiev, was open. Investigators say that because of Genina firefighters lost time that could be used to rescue and evacuate the people.

“As a result of negligent actions of Genin from poisoning by combustion products, carbon monoxide and the resulting thermal burns occurred the death of at least 37 individuals who were at the time of the fire on the 4th floor in room № 2 SEC “Winter cherry” – noted in SK.

Home Genina being searched, it plans to hold.

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