Tallin Music Week brought the “child” of Iggy Pop by Ivan Dorn

“Megabit” appeared at the anniversary festival, which this year for the 10th time, was held in the Estonian capital in the form of show-cases, collecting on city grounds, about 250 artists from different countries. Indie-pop, classical, folk, metal, experimental, rock, punk, grunge, ambient is only part of a genre palette presented on the stages of the Tallin Music Week. The artists who come here, experimenting with a variety of styles, installations, performances, costumes, and artistic images. And the city becomes lively backdrop to what is happening. Talent development, creativity, freedom and equality, curiosity — so organizers TMW define the main values of the festival. In addition to the concerts it hosts numerous conferences, workshops, music fair, and it becomes like a mini-planet for those who are interested in various forms of art.

Frankie Animal — “girls VS boys”, but no sexism. Photo: press service of the band FRANKIE ANIMAL

The musical program lasted three days, and even if you could set a goal to listen to every performance for 10-15 minutes, to read the works of even one third of the artists would be hardly realistic. While at the welcome concert guests were entertained by Estonian Folk Orchestra (Estonian folk orchestra), jazz-Ensemble Absolute academic and Nechaeva Elina, who will represent his native country at the upcoming Eurovision (interview with Artur Gasparyan, with the singer can be read in the upcoming issues of “Audio track”), and one of the Tallinn club was in the midst of a party under the proud name Live Nation Baltics Night, where their talents showed “bastard sons of The Stooges and AC/DC’s” Dead Furies and is widely known in Russia Trad.Attack! which are very differently interpretiruya folk music. Then everything went on the thumb. With an unusual show were made by the Belgians Intergalactic Lovers, demonic mix of rock, instrumental and psychedelic music was presented to the audience Estonians Elephants From Neptune, in the past razogreva such mastodons, like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Kaiser Chiefs. Songwriter and composer of the legendary band Gus Gus Hogni came with the solo experimental project, and the Ukrainian “statemen” Ivan Dorn album “Open the Dorn!”. Although from a variety of musical treats at times it was difficult to choose the best, Megabit as always found their favorites.

FRANKIE ANIMAL: arty pop from the “Yin” and “Yang”

This young Estonian team was able to organically combine in his work the lightness of pop-music and elegance style indie. Softly flowing, slightly “crying” vocals, jagged rhythms, punctuated guitar parts form an atmospheric, colorful, and anything not similar sounding. The irony in the lyrics combined with the romanticism and depth. Vocalist and soloist Maria Jonas is not afraid to write their musical pictures with broad strokes, but developing the basic ideas and concentrate on the details.

– Guys, tell us what started your story? That was the starting point?

Mary: — We started the band 6 years ago: it is not that much by the standards of the mastodons, who have decades of work on stage, but for us quite a long time. So much has happened during this time… the Story is fairly common: we Jonas started the band when I was in music school. A little later we were joined by bassist Ian.

Jonas: — it All happened spontaneously. Can’t say that we immediately had some grandiose plans to conquer the world (laughs). We just liked what we were doing, liked to fantasize, to experiment, and further events began to develop rapidly, began active rehearsals, performances, festivals… the Public came to know about us.

– Nevertheless, although Napoleon’s plans was not, now your music seems very ambitious. In each song, the clip — its concept, its history. Not to say that they made just for “fun” on the knee…

Jonas: — I think in our case the concept emerged over time, manifested as shots in the film, and it is formed so far. What we started and what we are doing now — a few different things. We are constantly looking at themselves in melodies, sounds in a vocal sense, though of course Maria has own style of performance your own handwriting, but it can vary. We don’t know where it takes us tomorrow.

– What’s the definition of “girls VS boys” (“boys versus girls”. — Approx. ed.) which you use, describing your group? I hope no sexism?

Jonas: of Course not! (Laughs.) And there was no confrontation, really. It just so happens that Mary is the only girl in the squad. In fact, it is rather to Supplement each other. It’s like “Yin” and “Yang” in Eastern philosophy. The combination of male and female, which allows miracles to happen in music.

It still connects and elements of different genres, as the ingredients in the cocktail with a slightly tangy, savory flavor. Is there for you personally determine the direction?

Jonas: — I guess you could call what we do pop music fads, it seems to be clear and accessible, but with an emphasis in alternative styles, sometimes with strange lyrics, some unexpected tunes…

Maria: Although pop music is associated with something more specific, simple fact that each other copy many artists, we would still not want to drive themselves in any frame. The cliché is absolutely not relevant in our time.

– Most artists still have their own guiding star, a beacon in the musical world, some characters from the past that inspire them. Who are your heroes?

Maria: When we just started, we borrowed some elements from the music of Arctic Monkeys, Led Zeppelin. Over time, the palette is very much expanded, thanks to it at the same time, there were comparisons with some other teams, but became more and more identity.

Jonas: — the indie-rock scene, and not only that, there is a lot of interesting things. The development of Internet services allows you to absorb more music. Of course, this cannot but affect our own.

– She’s even brighter than the reveals in your videos, showing a variety of history — and fun and self-ironic, and sad, and romantic, and even mystical. In this case what comes first — the music, the idea, the artistic image?

Jonas: We take a song and try to understand what it can give us and the audience what it’s about in a global sense what emotion causes. Then, in the head is born some picture and we begin to think, what means to reproduce it.

– In the video for the song “Misty” a sad guy in a big plush costume-the heart is suffering from lack of love. To a pain a familiar story: there’s the famous video of Roger Sanchez “Another Chance” where the girl rushes through the city with a large toy heart in his hands, and it is constantly decreasing…

Maria: Yes. It turned out funny. It’s like a dialogue between two clips: they have a girlfriend, boyfriend. But in fact, there were no allusions and references, because we saw this clip after your done. Here is a funny coincidence.

– In Russia there are top pop stars, famous rock bands, but if we talk about indie music, some experimental stories, they somehow remain underground. And what happens on the Estonian scene?

Maria: — Balance of power — about the same: pop music we are the most popular, especially if it is sung in Estonian. In this sense, we automatically find ourselves in the underground and avant-garde, because they do not sing in their native language. But here, in comparison with Russia, it is easier to promote his work. We are a small country…

– What about your touring schedule?

Jonas: — While we were only touring in Germany, were warmed up by a well-known Estonian group, and then found out that they were very worried, saying, “these guys are better than us”. We are playing here for the fifth time in Tallin Music Week. It is both a tribute to tradition, and new possibilities, because at a festival people come from different countries, establishment of new useful contacts.

– In addition to pop music what genres in Estonia are in trend now?

Jonas: — Hip-hop. As we have heard, in Russia, too. In fact, there are many young interesting artists in this direction, which is rapidly gaining popularity. There are some interesting post-rock bands, electronic musicians.

– You on stage and in life — are two different people?

Maria: — Rather Yes than no. In everyday life I am more quiet, modest, sometimes even sociopathic. (laughs) I am not always comfortable in the presence of a large number of people. But on the court feeling totally change. I can feel the energy and open feel official web site.

Jonas: On site we have our own characters, the characters. It works the same as in the theater. Only space for improvisation more broadly. Not only in terms of behavior. Of course we program in advance, build a setlist, but I can change it. Each concert is very different. We don’t know how to develop a action: much depends on the atmosphere, the mood of the public. This does not mean that you need to go on about her, but you need to have a dialogue with her.

POCKET KNIFE ARMY: the story is not about sound, about music

Powerful energy, deep, vibrant vocals, a thick wall of electronic sound, which is created exclusively analog means. Despite his youth, the participants in this conceptual design from the Netherlands has accumulated enough experience, and there is when Desiree and Irwin go to the site, instantly capturing the audience’s attention. Confidently move forward to help them clear vision, ability to concentrate on the process, not thinking about the audience’s reaction, and serious background.

Pocket Knife Army creates electronic music analog means. Photo: Lisanne Lentink

Every year worldwide there is an incredible number of groups, so drown in this sea very easy. What helped you to draw the attention of the public? What was the main motivation?

Desiree: — We listened to a lot of music, we were interested in as artists, began his career many years ago, and some more modern performers. And of course, we always wanted to write songs for ourselves, to make music that we like, it does not resemble anything else. To repeat what someone once made to you — not interested. We never waited for any feedback, were not ready to compromise, just decided to try for a year locked in the Studio, and then showed the result. Perhaps people sensed our confidence, we were able to give them their power, and the response was pretty big.

Irwin: — we Have a few main rules that we follow in life. The first is to fear nothing and just do it, and the second is not to use computers and software to create music, to work only with analog instruments, synthesizers.

Desiree: it is Very important that the song was good as a song in the traditional sense. When artists actively use electronic methods of creating works that speak about the sound quality, and in our case — the quality of the music.

Irwin: — We both played in rock bands, and we write songs on guitar or piano. We got used to it.

– Do you think the secret to popularity? What is more important: hard work or luck?

Irwin: it is Very important to be at the right time in the right place. But despite the luck factor, you must always be ready to get together and show what you’re capable of.

Desiree: — is Always a combination of many factors. In addition to good luck and hard work are still very important background, because the more interesting music of different genres you listen to, the more you know its history, the freer you become in your own fantasy world. Although we have said that never wanted anything to repeat, the basis which we have, of course, imbues us. And of course there are artists who inspire us. For example, I love Jeff Buckley, his music, his lyrics. But I also like the team “Queens of the Stone Age” and many other artists of different styles.

Photo: Lisanne Lentink

– How does the modern music industry in Holland? How difficult is a promising young group find their place under the sun?

Irvine: the Audience is segmented. Commercial pop music specifically made to be accessible to all, and this is another story. Those who need something more unusual, more interesting, have to look for performers like, well, the artists themselves — to find their audience.

Desiree: — Those who work in the mainstream, it is easier to find its audience. If to speak about us here happen to be the mutual sympathy, the tastes must match. In addition, it is more pretentious music, so the background needs to be not only here but also among the public. We do spend a lot of time on the Internet, to understand where our listener who he is, what direction we should move, promotera their creativity.

– Have you ever fantasized how it will look and sound your group in 10, 20 years?..

Desiree: I Hope we will be back in full bloom. Our goal now is to give as many concerts, including outside the Netherlands. We try to go on tour as often as possible, we are very pleased to be here to visit in Tallinn. In the nearest plans of the Warsaw, Berlin. When we the last time was in Berlin, it is felt that this is indeed the citadel of contemporary culture: music, painting, performance, video installations forms can be very diverse.

– Did you first speak at Tallin Music Week? And whether such festivals?

Desiree: Here we for the first time, but was at a similar event in Belgium. There was a slightly different system, but nonetheless is also a festival which brought together artists from different countries of the world. I can say it really works. This is an opportunity to see what is happening in contemporary music in other parts of the world, and to show themselves to attract a new audience. Because here people come to the festival and not to show specific artist.

– Many critics today say that the era of big arena of heroes has passed. What do you think about this?

Irvin: I disagree. The time of great rock bands, it’s true. The music that today makes a lot of talented guys in the studios, other means are not very popular with the rock fans, and it is in itself designed for a different atmosphere, other sites. Probably the stadiums gave way to more intimate clubs or large halls, but this is where you can create a certain atmosphere, not only use a special sound, but the visual palette.

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