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The thirtieth anniversary of the legendary group “Doctor Watson” celebrated yesterday the team of musicians, their friends and colleagues in the same restaurant. It was unique in its spirituality and identity of the party, which lasted long after midnight and time flew by in an instant. The evening was rare for the present time the atmosphere of a real family holiday that calls to get together, have fun, share kindness and warmth.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

At the anniversary party granted a lot of friends with whom the heroes of the occasion associated years of friendship and shared creativity. Guests included Vladimir Markin, Gennady Gladkov, Vladimir Vishnevskiy, Simon Osiashvili, Yury Malikov, Nikolai Bandurin, Konstantin Tarasov and many, many other famous people. The room was decorated with banners with old posters, which added to the entourage of Soviet times.

Impressions shared the art Director and the soloist of group “Doctor Watson” George Mamigonov.

Our group appeared 30 years ago under the name “Surprise”, and then we decided that the name “Dr. Watson” more accurately defines our credo. And we meet in an appropriate restaurant with the slogan “Dr. Watson” takes “Dr. Watson”.

— Are you satisfied with last night?

— Our party was a success, nobody expected such a result! Everyone was excited and good songs, and the atmosphere, and endless memories! The program was conducted by the actor Alexey Nesterenko on the scenario in which each speaker was prescribed an interesting story about where we met, how collaborated. Guests did not want to leave! Well, a lovely table with homemade snacks contributed to this. Everything was in the style of the Soviet era.

— Are you planning to continue this kind of party?

— Yes, it was a pilot project and we concluded that it is possible to organize such meetings at a high level. We plan together with Yuri Malikov to hold a gathering of friends of VIA, is the idea to organise an evening of art song, poetry, meetings with famous people, to do with Gennady Gladkov children’s party. Ideas just the sea!

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