The film Serebrennikov about Choi hit the Cannes film festival

The intrigue around house arrest film Director Kirill Serebrennikov is twisted with renewed vigor. Yes, such that no filmmaker could ever dream of! One day film Serebrennikov “Summer” about Viktor Tsoi came to the program 71‑th Cannes film festival, but the consequence left with the petition for extension of house arrest until July 19. Events, mutually exclusive: the film forum will be held in may. And a priori assumes the presence of the Director at the premiere, otherwise it is impossible — risk to drop out of the program. But what our security forces some Cannes?

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Of course, even on the Cote d’azur, where everything is blissfully punctually and even a five minute delay the session is equal to PE, there are exceptions to the rule. For example, Alexander Sokurov, a few years ago presented the world’s major film festivals hard claims, did not attend the premiere of his paintings. In the festival Palace press center posted the announcement that he was sick. Surprising but then he was in the Caucasus, at the festival “Golden knight” Nicholas burljaeva.

Kirill Serebrennikov, the situation is tricky. Whether it is decided at the state level about his personal participation in the festival and at least the temporary release from house arrest — a question that probably can not answer no. General festival representative Thierry Fremaux, which determines its art strategy, representing “Summer”, I noticed that it’s a movie about rock history of the Brezhnev era. He said: “Cannes has always been a place of freedom and creative freedom in particular. We invite Mr. Serebrennikov personally introduce his film.”

At the heart of “Summer” — the story of the relationship of Viktor Tsoi (he was played by South Korean actor Theo Yu) with musician Mike Naumenko (Roma Zver), who still collects a group of “Zoo” and his wife Natalia (Irina Starshenbaum). The events take place in 1981 in Leningrad.

A young and ambitious producer of “Summer” Ilya Stewart, who grew up and until recently lived in Australia, commented: “We are very proud that our picture was in the main competition of one of the most important film festivals in the world. In my opinion, this is proof that Kirill Serebrennikov, the Director of the world level, and overall this is a great victory of the Russian cinema”.

In 2015 with the film “Student” pieces of silver participated in the second in importance to the Cannes competition “UN certain regard”. Actually, after this picture and a wave, which led to the situation in which it now is. “Student” was awarded the Francois Chalet of the late French journalist, distinguished by boldness of expression. His widow gives this award for the ability without regard to show a slice of modernity.

Fremaux and President of the festival Pierre Lesur told that the competition with their films classic of French cinema, Jean-Luc Godard and Italian Director Matteo Garrone, Lee Chang-Dong from South Korea living in the UK pole Pavel Pawlikowski, American, spike Lee, Chinese Director Jia Zhang-Janke, Iranian Asghar Farhadi. I hope to visit, though hope is illusory, another Iranian Director — disgraced Jafar Panahi with a picture of “Three persons”. Since 2010, when he was accused of anti-government activities, he had been banned. It is forbidden to make a film until 2030. But he keeps his job, even while under house arrest, takes off in the car, in the room, and then passes outside of Iran. Once the film has taken on a flash drive hidden in a cake. The festival will send an official letter to Iran’s leadership asking to visit Panahi in Cannes. Kirill Serebrennikov also edited his film at home.

Disgraced Jafar Panahi. Photo: facebook@Jafar-Panahi

Main competition jury will be headed by Australian actress cate Blanchett, who became a Hollywood star with a reputation of an intellectual.

Part of “Summer” is not our only joy. In short, the competition presents a picture of “Calendar” Igor Poplaukhin. He not only directed, but also the teacher of the Moscow school of new cinema, a graduate of the faculty of journalism of Moscow state University and Moscow school of new cinema. Igor has worked extensively on radio and in advertising. In addition to the “Calendar” shot the short film “22” and “Asphalt”.

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