Who was the Muse Danila Kozlovsky: the creative person wants to help

This summer in Russia for the first time host a world Cup. Its official Ambassador was actor and fledgling Director Danila Kozlovsky.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

Most recently, he spoke sharply about hate and rudeness encountered in social networks: “I Write so many nasty things that sometimes get lost. Think: “what do you have for the life that you have so much anger.” “Shit” swept not only in the direction of the kozłowski, but the entire Russian football. Many saw in his words a PR stunt associated with the professional activities of Kozlowski.

– I’m a big fan of football, says Daniel. – Since childhood, I love this sport, the game. In addition, what happens on the field, as an artist and observer I was always attracted to the emotional state, the dramatic behavior of the coaches. It would seem that nothing can be done, but they try to affect what happens in front of them. I’m not saying that this is a very theatrical and cinematic. The whole country is waiting for the upcoming unique event — the world Cup. And it is a great honor for us to hold such a competition. When else in our lifetime will happen this event!

Yesterday I watched the match, and many councils have slapped how to play. But when you are on the football field, everything is seen differently: I try to play soccer twice a week and I myself not much happens. Why are so few films about football? This is probably due to difficulties of production. Shooting football is very, very difficult because everybody knows how to play football how to play football team that you support. It’s always difficult to find a balance between what happens on the field and what is happening outside, to understand what makes a man put himself in the game, live it with such passion, love and hate,..

As it turned out, now inspires Daniel to the feats of his companion, actress, and five minutes debutant Director Olga Zueva, who admitted:

– When you live with such a talented person, see how strong his attraction to creative creation, I want to help him in that he has evolved, moved on. Daniel told me he wanted to take off about football, the story that he was carried away, and I realized that he wants to tell her not as an actor. I heard a strong and confident voice of the author. That is why I supported him in this endeavor, I felt that all of his work.

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