Grandfather accused of murdering mother and three children became ill

Daria Pereverzeva, accused of complicity and the murder in 2014 of his mother, 13-year-old brother and young twins, said Friday in court that he is not guilty of committing this horrible crime. On the question of the Chairman of the panel of judges she said she couldn’t do since it was her mother and her children. And after a pause, in a trembling voice added, to suspect her in this cruel and unfair.

photo: Diana arustamova

In Moscow regional court continued its hearing of a criminal case, the defendant is a 25-year-old girl. In a glass tank was in the form of fine, fragile lady, with light make-up on her face and wet from an overabundance of feelings eyes. In the hands of Darius, kept a notebook, which covered his face from the flashes of cameras.

As already wrote “MK” the tragedy happened in the elite cottage village near Moscow Khimki 8 September 2014. The early morning lit up the mansion owned by 43-year-old Elena Pereverzeva. After analysis of the fire rescuers found 13-the summer son of the hostess of the home and her 3-year-old twins (girl and boy). It has been proven that woman and the eldest son strangled, and the kids suffocated in the smoke. Detained 23-the summer cohabitant Daria – Dmitry Kolesnikov, he was later convicted of murder and given a life sentence. Daria herself after the arrest of the beloved went to Thailand. In this country for several years living and working by her father. Then suddenly the girl returned to Russia and was immediately arrested by the police.

photo: Diana arustamova

According to investigators, she organized the murder, to take possession of the property to the mother and to remain the sole heir of his grandfather. At the time of the murder, it was estimated more than 160 million rubles.

At the beginning of the meeting, the President of the court had fulfilled the mandatory procedure. She explained the rights of victims. They are the grandfather of Darius Ivan Chernov, her uncle, who most of the time living in Croatia, and the former husband of Elena Pereverzeva (in the fire killed their joint children). Then this procedure was subjected to the defendant. When required part was finished, the Prosecutor read the indictment. Then began to give evidences victims. Ivan Chernov during a speech became ill and he asked the judge permission to do it sitting down. Speech grandfather of the defendant was almost identical to that with which he appeared at the trial on the case of Dmitry Kolesnikov. A tired male voice repeated the circumstances of his acquaintance with the future family member, talked about the nuances of relationships, about how her granddaughter loved and respected her husband… all this time Darius did not shed a tear.

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