“He and butterfly will not hurt” – friends of the tragedy at MGIMO

In the circumstances of the fall of the 21-year-old student of the University from the fourth floor of the building on Vernadsky Prospekt in the afternoon on April 13 understand the Moscow police. According to some reports, the girl was pushed from the window of her Beau – a native of Dagestan, but he denies involvement.

As it became known “MK”, the incident happened at 12.47 — during recess, three minutes before the start of the next pair. A student from Kazakhstan’s 21-year-old Tamara (all names changed), who is studying on 4th course in the Department of international economic relations, spoke with his friend, a peer, a Muslim, a native of Dagestan and a student of the Higher school of Economics.. Muslim came to the lady, and the couple went into an empty auditorium on the 4th floor here to sort things out. The conversation went on the raised tones. Before the young people got into a big fight because of the delay, which had to change plans for the evening.

According to Muslim, he sat on a chair behind a Desk, and Tamara suddenly climbed to the window and opened the little flap (most here are not open) and fell down. However, police are considering other version of events – the guy in a fit of rage pushed the fragile girl from the window. To confirm or refute this version can only Tamara but she is in serious condition. The girl’s life was saved by the fact that she fell on the ground. In the “ambulance” called several witnesses — students and teachers. After 15 minutes, the place came two carriages, one of them, crash the car. The wounded were hospitalized in the Institute Sklifosovsky — the girl suffered broken ribs, head trauma and bruising to the chest. One of the ribs punctured a lung. She’s in the ICU.

By the way, at the first interrogation, Muslim said they do not familiar with Tamara, but after admitted that was her in the audience.

Friends say the young man was extremely calm by nature. “If his name is Muslim, that doesn’t mean that he was violent Caucasian. He is very educated and easy going guy, butterflies will not hurt”.

The father of Muslim at the time worked in the government of Dagestan Republic in high office Guy from a rich family, on his page posting photos of expensive cars, as well as pictures from his travels.

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