Invented a device that reads thoughts and transmits them to the user

A device that recognizes words, not spoken aloud, created by scientists of the Massachusetts Institute of technology (USA).

While innovation is good only for those who don’t mind their thoughts being read. Device AlterEgo resembles a headphone combined with a microphone. It is, however, not traditional, and is equipped with electrodes to capture the neuromuscular movements of the lower jaw, when a person says something about themselves. Then the computer analyzes the received signals, correlating them with specific words and conveys information to the user via headphones. That is, the person wearing the device gets the opportunity to talk with their inner self.

Scientists have conducted many experiments. In particular, they describe the experience of playing chess with AlterEgo. The player wearing the device myself commented on the moves of the enemy. AlterEgo passes this information to the computer, and in response to receiving the replies with the best moves for his “master”.

The accuracy of the device was 92%. One of the developers Arnav Kapoor explained that in the future, with the increase in the number of input the speed and quality definitions of words will increase, as the device is able to adapt to each user.

In the future the device can be used for sending sensitive data for military purposes, and in the health system, for example, communicating with people with cognitive impairment. It will also help you to control your game console and to generate “in mind” a complex calculation.

Review leading employee of the Institute of radio engineering and electronics Valeriy Dementienko:

-This device really reminded me of a throat microphone that picks up very faint sounds from trembling while talking of the trachea. They were used by airmen during the war, not being able to hear each other amid the exploding shells and the roar of the engines. Here the signal is not pronounced the words come from the muscles of the lower jaw. It’s all quite possible to implement, but we, as far as I know, these devices read the unspoken words has not yet been developed.

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