On the Day of cosmonautics near the ISS was noticed “UFO”

Looking through the footage aboard the ISS, American ufologist saw one of them two unusual luminous spheres appearing one after another. According to Scott Waring who are fond of such conspiracy theories, in the shot of the spaceships of aliens, disguise which for some reason has been temporarily disabled.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

The ufologist notes that towards the end of the next broadcast in the frame you can see the point, playing with various colors and presumably rotating around its axis. Then this point goes out, and near the place where she was, for a while light up another one. Some time later, slowmoving, you will notice that some time after the appearance of the mysterious object, the screen turns green, the self — proclaimed expert believes that all these events are connected.

UFO researcher interprets this sequence of events is as follows: close to the International space station, flying alien spaceship, which at the time took off his disguise, to go sailing one or two spherical spacecraft. One of these starships is also visible, but subsequently masked. The theory that objects are reflections on the camera or any other not too mysterious phenomenon, is not considered. Moreover, ufologist claims that the aliens deliberately warn earthlings about its existence, while governments seek to hide the truth from them.

In comments to the video some Internet users have complained of the extremely low quality videos in their view, whether the image clearer, the nature of the mysterious object would be much simpler to determine.

Earlier, the UFO found on Mars, the strange landscape that resembles a huge nut. The self-proclaimed experts on extraterrestrial civilizations considered that they discovered the abandoned city of aliens, which can be technological devices left by the aliens.

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