Putin, Prokhorov, sparrows and others will perform at the Russian Internet Forum 2018

Speakers REEF – the real guru of the Internet industry, business and key representatives of public organizations and public authorities. The program RIF is 2018: Putin, sparrows, Prokhorov and others!

What will tell you the speakers and particularly pay attention to the participants?

Ciprolisina NecroVisioN: from utility to funeral services

On the second day REEF 2018, April 19 at 12:30 during the session “the Digital transformation of the city” surround presentation will be made by the CIO Rosvodokanal Sergei Putin. Sergey will talk about how Rosvodokanal uses the latest digital solutions in their activities, what are the objectives in the paradigm of the digitalization of cities: what effect have the latest technology on key performance indicators of the organization.

Under this same section about how to use the latest digital technology and AR in museums will tell Timur Aleynikov, the Deputy Director of MICC of the Ministry of culture of Russia. Timur will share their knowledge on how to do AR projects in the cultural sphere so as not to be ashamed, and also presents the project Artefact.

One of the surprises of RIF 2018 promises to be the representatives Ritual.ru. The speakers will talk about how they managed to reprovisioning such specific service, and will also present his vision for the further development of the market of ritual services in the paradigm of digitalization. When and in what hall will be speakers “Ritual.ru”? – Look for the program RIF 2018.

Business social networking: the new content of the old

It may seem that the promotion of social networks have all been said. But speakers RIF 2018 will prove that it is not.

Expert myTarget Vyacheslav Prokhorov has collected in the section “Case studies on the promotion of business in social networks” the most brilliant speakers ready to present the latest case studies of market leaders: CYANOGEN, Delivery Club, myTarget. Don’t miss: the section “Case studies on the promotion of business in social networks”, April 18, 1 hall, 15:30.

“Heavy” and important sections about the economy, domains, security

The REEF is a forum at which from year to year are presented the most important for the Internet industry figures, reveals recent analytical data, provides predictions, which are guided by a year or more.

What sections not to miss, if your goal is a REEF – know about everything first:

  • The opening RIF 2018 and reports Sergei Plugotarenko (RAEC) and Ruslan Tagiyev (Mediascope). This is the MOST recent analytical data on the Internet, digital economy, mobile economy. 18 APR, 1 hall, 10:00.
  • Regulation of the Internet of things. Irina Levova (III) and Andrey Kolesnikov (Association of the Internet of things) will bring together leading experts and talk about important and urgent is about regulation. April 18, 5 hall, 15:30.
  • “Intelligent assistants and artificial intelligence” is the title of the section from GOOGLE, which will take place on April 18 at 18:00 in hall # 1. Don’t miss out.
  • Rights holders and participants in e-commerce want to protect yourself against domain squatters, at the same time, players domain industry strive to make the registration process as simple as possible and accessible. What arguments lead both parties, as well as on recent initiatives in the field of protection of intellectual property rights on the Internet talk to representatives of registrars, regulators, domain investors, owners and independent experts. The section moderated by Andrei Vorobyov (Coordination center of national domain of network the Internet). April 19, 2 hall, 12:30.

It’s not all speakers and not all sections of the upcoming RIF 2018. Follow the news of the forum and learn the program on the website, and we will continue to acquaint you with the key themes and speakers of the forum.

To discover sections of REEF for the 2018 registration is required.


C 18 to 20 April 2018 in Moscow will host the 22-th Russian Internet Forum (RIF 2018) — the main spring event of the Runet, the most massive and exciting annual industry event.

RIF 2018 — is a three-day event, consisting of a multi-stream Conference (Form), “people” Programme 2.0, large-scale Exhibitions and extracurricular activities from the organizing Committee and partners of the Reef.

RIF 2018 gathers annually to 10 thousand of professional participants of the Internet industry and related industries, government officials, media, scientific community, students of specialized Universities.

Official website: http://2018.rif.ru

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