Russian 10 years killing people from Central Asia and Gypsies

In Zabaikalsky Krai will judge the inhabitant of Chita, who for the past 10 years, launched a real war against immigrants from Central Asia and Gypsies. The man acted with a pistol, Kalashnikov rifle, used Molotov cocktails. While predominantly killed he is an ordinary traders of fruits, and his actions injured innocent people. The house of one family, he was set on fire, and then began coolly to shoot people who tried to escape.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Case 45-the summer inhabitant of Chita was investigated first by the division for investigation of particularly important cases of the regional investigation Department of the TFR. On the website of the Central Board SK of the Russian Federation on Transbaikalian edge one listing of articles that appear in this case, is the whole paragraph: “the murder of eight persons committed for motives of national hatred” and “attempted murder of seven persons, including against a minor, “committing a robbery in especially large size” and “illegal acquisition and weapon storage”.

As found out a consequence, the first accused was made in July 2006, when shot from the gun the two men. Five more people he shot from a Kalashnikov in 2013 in the village of Peschanka. Then managed to survive one of the victims. In November and December 2013 the accused, armed with a gun, attacked twice in Chita on traders of fruit, seriously injuring one of them. Celebrating the New year accused four shots in an emphasis from a pistol killed on the spot seller of fruit. The last murder the man committed in July 2016 in Chita, when in the yard in Gagarin street shot pistol biker Novel Chipizubov .

The investigation notes that in 2012 a man motivated by ethnic hatred showered with bottles of gasoline one of the private houses in Chita, where he lived a Gypsy family. When people are in shock began to rush, trying to escape and put out the fire, he opened fire. A bullet wound received not only the master of the house, but his 11-year-old daughter.

Do not shun the accused and robbery. So in the winter of 2014 he was shot from a Kalashnikov leg of one of the residents of Chita, and took his 6.5 million rubles.

When the man was detained, investigators were able to find caches of weapons, which he did. There was found an Arsenal: two Kalashnikovs, two pistols IZH-79, altered under shooting by fighting cartridges, a Makarov pistol and Margolin, submachine gun PP-93, shotgun 12 gauge, TNT explosive, two grenades with fuses, and also a large amount of ammunition for the above weapons.

In this case the accused pleaded not guilty. But all his claimed alibi evidence is not found.

Now criminal case is directed the public Prosecutor to approve the indictment and the further direction in court. The accused faces a sentence of up to life imprisonment.

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