Solved a theft of paintings of the artists Bakst and GE: suspect – “Mirror man”

A daring theft of paintings by famous Russian painters of the XIX-XX centuries by Leon Bakst and Nikolai GE out of the apartment 55-year-old Muscovite opened the Metropolitan detectives. In the crime suspect, the inhabitant of the Saratov region with a mirror arrangement of the internal organs. However, instead of paintings, the police found he has just large shipment of drugs.

Earlier, the “MK” wrote that on February 28 two unidentified men robbed the home of the owner of the art on the street red lighthouse. Guests were presented by security guards of the buyer-dealer, which really was waiting for the owner to negotiate the deal. Under the pretext of checking the apartments before you visit your boss they entered the home, beat and tied up the master, stole the paintings (each was valued by the owner in the sum about 800 thousand roubles) and have disappeared.

As we found out “MK”, Metropolitan detectives came on the trail of the kidnappers in Samara. April 11, late in the evening they raided the rented apartment to 22-year-old native of the Saratov region Vladislav. The demands of law enforcement guy ignored and called all their relatives and friends, who reported that unknown persons trying to get to him, introducing themselves as police. But then still let the security forces in the housing. Police searched the apartment found the stolen paintings, but they are waiting for “surprise” – a warehouse full of drugs. Were seized about 400 grams of heroin and 400 grams of marijuana. The landlord was arrested and taken to Moscow.

“Investigators Moore together with colleagues from the Department of internal Affairs for the southern district of the city of Moscow and GU MVD of Russia in Samara region detained a Russian citizen on suspicion of robbery,” – said the official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Irina Wolf.

During the interrogation, Davis told investigators that she burned the paintings, and the drugs had been planted.

According to relatives of Vladislav, his family hails from the city of Volsk in the Saratov region. The boy’s father drunk fell to his death in a car crash when he was about a year, the mother works as a merchandiser in a Department store, the younger brother serves in the army in the far East, and my stepfather is a trucker. Vladislav rare disease, mirroring the location of the internal organs (the heart is on the right and the liver on the left). After school he trained as a driver in College and joined the army. A young man came to the Samara region the troops of military intelligence, where during the “deferral” was a serious military training. Already Dembele guy returned to his native Moscow, where he failed to find something for everyone. In 2017 Vladislav again went to Samara. The city was waiting for him colleagues who were parents of a young man, opened a real estate brokerage firm and engaged in real estate.

A law enforcement source told “MK” that at the present time, investigators are searching for alleged accomplice Vladislav. They, most likely, is one of his colleagues. Also was repeatedly interrogated the people who “brought” as a custodian of the paintings from the “buyers”. In addition, the investigators found that the young man lives in Moscow aunt, the actress of theatre and cinema, which may be similar to the cultural community and artists. Vladislav was charged only in the robbery, and on April 13 in the Chertanovo district court planned his arrest.

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