The commander was putting out “Winter cherry” fire managers taken into custody

The Central district court of Kemerovo decided to arrest for two months the captain of the guard Kemerovo firefighting and rescue unit № 2 by Sergei Genin. He is accused of negligence when extinguishing a fire in the Kemerovo shopping centre, “Winter cherry”, which killed 64 people. A firefighter escorted to the detention center №1 in Kemerovo, where there are seven defendants in a criminal case.

Photo: Irina Shapovalova

“To elect a measure of restraint… in the form of detention for two months, i.e. until 11 June 2018” – quoted by judge Alexander vyalov TASS.

After the announcement of the decision to arrest the defense Genina said it would appeal the judgment.

The custody sought by investigators. The need to arrest the representatives of the RF IC is motivated by the fact that Genin can exert pressure on witnesses, hinder the course of the investigation or to hide, because the fire doesn’t live at the place of registration and divorced his wife. The representatives of the victims also spoke in favor of the arrest.

Genina’s lawyer told the court that he is a combat veteran and was awarded medals of the Ministry of emergency situations excellence in service. According to her, it was a question about the idea for a new award in the fire in the “Winter cherry,” he saved man by means of a personal survival kit. She provided the court with a positive response Genin from work place, reference on “anxiety and sleep disorders” and mandatory “psychological adaptation”. The lawyer said that immediately after the initiation of criminal proceedings, April 11, the Network was published a petition in support of the rescue, which was signed by almost 14 thousand members.

Genin himself explained to the court that the “Winter cherry”, which he received immediately after the call, was 85 sheets. He said that 8 minutes prior to arrival on the scene of time on his detailed study he was not. Inside the Mall before the incident, he was only once, and the exercises were not held. “I consider myself innocent, I have done everything correctly. I’m sorry that people have so much grief,” said a firefighter.

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In turn, the Prosecutor’s office of the Kemerovo region the court described the actions of the Genin as unprofessional, and reported six imposed upon him the reprimands for violations, Interfax reports.

“Under the Charter, rescue of people on fire is the earliest, but the Genin ignored the eyewitnesses about being in the cinema people”, – said in court the Prosecutor.

According to the investigation, Genin received from the employee of security service “the Winter cherry” data on fire, sent a link of gas and smoke protective service, although such a task before him was not raised, the necessary means to extinguish a fire at them at itself was not. “The link has been lost time that could be spent on saving people. The Genin were aware of being in the hall children,” the Prosecutor said.

Also in the course of the hearing showed a recording from surveillance cameras, which can be seen as Genin with colleagues arrive by car to the shopping centre, it runs an eyewitness, grabs fire by the arm and quickly leads him inside. There he gestures specifies the path to the stairs that leads to the cinema room with a locked visitors. At this time, firefighters are looking a security officer, according to the place of the fire and takes them behind him, and the witness is left alone.

The Prosecutor also told the court that the Genin had six reprimands for violation of the procedure for the organization of extinguishing fires, in particular, the rules of evacuation.

According to investigators, in the result of the negligent actions of Genin killed at least 37 people.

A fire in a shopping centre, “Winter cherry” in Kemerovo took place on 25 March. The tragedy claimed the lives of 64 people, including 41 children.

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