The head EMERCOM of Russia stood up for the fireman, who was detained after the “Winter cherry”

The head EMERCOM of Russia Vladimir Puchkov expressed support for the chief of the guard Kemerovo firefighting and rescue unit №2 Sergey Genio. The latter was arrested on charges of negligence in extinguishing a fire in TTS “the Winter cherry”.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

“Unfortunately, the detained chief of the guard that first went to the fire. For me this is personal, I to everyone in the system of EMERCOM of Russia are as his mother,” said the Minister during the operational conference calls, reports TASS.

The Minister added that the Ministry will hire a “powerful lawyers” and will help “comrade”. According to Puchkov, the emergencies Ministry stands for “an objective consideration of all the details of the incident a terrible tragedy”.

The Minister also said that his father at the time he worked as the chief of the guard fire protection. “I always consulted with him on the most difficult issues,” he added.

According to Puchkova, in the system of EMERCOM of Russia there are no better specialists than the firefighter, the assistant chief of the guard, head guard, specialist getdemopanel service and all who work in combat.

According to investigators Genin arrived on the scene, made a mistake, causing firefighters lost precious minutes that could save people. The decision of the court a fire had been imprisoned in the detention facility.

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