The student who could throw the girl out of the building of MGIMO, will allow to study

Details of the fall of the 21-year-old student of the University from the fourth floor of the building on Vernadsky Prospekt in the afternoon of April 13 became known to “MK”. In the basic version, the girl was pushed from the window of a native of Dagestan. Moscow police versed in the circumstances of the tragedy.


As it became known “MK”, PE sluciae in 12.47 — during a big change, 3 minutes before the start of the next pair. A student from Kazakhstan’s 21-year-old Buysafe (she is studying on 4th course in the Department of international economic relations) spoke with his friend, a native of Dagestan (according to some, had a romantic relationship) – near the auditorium on the 4th floor. According to witnesses, the conversation went on the raised tones. Suddenly the guy opened the small sash window (most here are not open) and literally pushed the fragile girl from the window. Buysafe together with the bag flew down. Life was saved by the fact that she fell on the ground. In the “ambulance” called several witnesses — students and teachers. After 15 minutes, the place came two carriages, one of them, crash the car. The wounded was hospitalized in the Sklifosovsky research Institute — previously, the girl’s fractures and a head injury.

As for the student, it is not currently detained — in the words of friends, the guy still in the classroom. Talk to him after the end of the learning process.

Continuing the theme of: “He and butterfly will not hurt” – friends of the tragedy at MGIMO

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